Senior Surface Water Scientist

Etobicoke, ON, CA

Do you have expertise in the field of stream water monitoring and scientific analyses of stream water quality data, examining and identifying emerging/ongoing issues on water quality? Are you organized and have superior data analysis and communication skills? 

Bring your experience and leadership skills to this interesting and important role with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to support Ontario’s water quality.

What can I expect to do in this role?
You will: 
• Provide scientific leadership of stream water monitoring studies to fulfill government commitments, report on water quality and effect of pollutant sources in priority watersheds throughout Ontario and identify emerging issues. 
• Provide scientific leadership in the planning and execution of specialized sampling stations throughout Ontario and for data collection and scientific analysis to measure the influence of land use/management on stream water quality and assess the impacts. 
• Provide scientific leadership/guidance to scientific, field, and data management staff and students working on stream monitoring programs. 
• Work as a ministry expert to provide recommendations, advice and opinion on water quality of watersheds, including the preparation of reports for internal use or publication. 
• Participate in partnerships with other jurisdictions, academia and other agencies to represent the ministry in various forums.

How do I qualify?
• Valid Class G Ontario Driver’s Licence for field travel to site locations and meetings.

Scientific and Technical Knowledge and Skills
• You have demonstrated knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of hydrology, aquatic chemistry and limnological science. 
• You have significant experience and specialization in their application of surface water management, usually acquired from post graduate degree program or relevant combination of formal training and work experience. 
• You have experience in planning and implementing a comprehensive monitoring and research program and coordinating the work of participants in studies. 
• You have demonstrated knowledge of scientific, innovative, research and investigative techniques. 
• You have demonstrated knowledge of relevant environmental legislation (e.g. Great Lakes Protection Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Environmental Protection Act). 
•You have knowledge of ministry commitments (e.g. Great Lakes Strategy, Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health) to preserve good water quality.

Field and Laboratory Techniques Experience
• You have demonstrated knowledge of field and laboratory scientific techniques related to water quality monitoring and instrumentation. 
• You have demonstrated knowledge of procurement documents and processes.

Analytical and Data Analysis
• You have demonstrated knowledge of statistical analysis techniques and geographic information systems. 
• You have knowledge of water quality monitoring, pollution control, and remedial action techniques, methods, and processes, in order to report on studies and investigations examining water quality 
• You have experience in maintaining awareness of relevant scientific developments by other researchers and how these developments could be applied in novel ways for future study designs or to improve current studies or monitoring programs. 
• You have knowledge of scientific and mathematical analytical techniques, software programs for database editing and management to manipulate scientific/technical data.

Project Management
• You have knowledge of project management techniques and practices to plan, design, lead and conduct research programs, projects and studies (e.g. surface water quality monitoring networks/stations), interpret, report and prepare recommendations on the results/their implications and provide technical advice and/or coordinate work of participants and other ministry staff. 
• You have demonstrated knowledge of database management approaches and systems to provide scientific/project leadership for data collection, management, quality control, storage, retrieval, data analysis and reporting.

Interpersonal and Communications Skills
• You have knowledge of ministry programs to provide advice to other areas of the ministry and respond to public enquiries on surface water and sediment quality issues and represent the ministry at public and scientific meetings and committees. 
• You have demonstrated ability to prepare and present scientific and other technical findings to a variety of audiences (e.g. ministry staff, researchers, stakeholder groups) and in a variety of formats (reports, peer-reviewed literature, presentations). 
• You have knowledge of professional standards for report writing, analysing data findings, and preparing reports and/or other documents for internal use and/or for external scientific publication.

Computer Skills
• You have demonstrated knowledge/skill in computer operations and related software (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation) to prepare reports, presentations, and correspondence and conduct research.