Invitation to Tender: facilitation of GWP Strategy 2020-2025

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

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GWP is currently implementing its 2014-2019 Strategy and is seeking consultancy support to formulate its new strategy for the period 2020-2025.

In May 2018, GWP initiated a process to formulate its new strategy. A first meeting was convened in Budapest where GWPO secretariat and RWP Secretariats staff and Chairs developed initial thrusts for the strategy. The results of this meeting were discussed with GWP Steering Committee, GWP Sponsoring Partners and representatives of GWP Financing Partners at a Strategy meeting (June, Stockholm). The outcomes of this initial process are documented and will form the starting point and background to the present consultancy.

Objective of the assignment

To draft and finalise the GWP 2020-2025 Strategy document, in close coordination with GWPO Secretariat, via the design and implementation of a collaborative and consultative process involving key GWP stakeholders.


Output expected: final draft strategy document (June 2019)


  • Document 1: Broad process Roadmap –  incl. methodology (end August 2018)
  • Document 2: Framework strategy document, incl. package for consultations and studies 1 as process annex (September 2018)
  • Document 3: Zero draft strategy document, incl. package for consultations and studies 2 as process annex (December 2018)
  • Document 4: draft strategy document, incl. final review process as process annex (April 2019)

The consultant is expected to provide a brief inception document on the proposed methodology as part of the tender offer. Examples of related assignments will be helpful.

Phasing and activities involved

Inception Phase (end August 2018)

  • Get acquainted with relevant materials and hold preliminary discussions with GWPO management, staff and selected stakeholders (culminating end August at Stockholm World Water Week).
  • Agree with GWPO Secretariat on the broad process roadmap, including planning and sequencing of (i) consultations, (ii) specific relevant analyses and (iii) communications plan.

Phase 1 (September-December 2018)

  • Write a “framework strategy document”, based on available materials (i.a. strategy note, external evaluation report)
  • Support planning for, implementation of, and harvest insights from the consultation process between August and December. This will involve preparing a consultation package for i.a.:
    • GWP partners (via network meeting)
    • GWP regional water partnerships (RWPs) and country water partnerships (CWPs) via their regular Steering Committee meetings
    • GWP TEC and strategic knowledge allies via special consultation
  • Undertake (or support implementation of) and harvest insights from agreed specific relevant analyses (first batch) on topics such as (i) options for private sector engagement by GWP; (ii) technology and innovation in the water sector influencing governance systems and management options for water resources management; (iii) knowledge networks and community mobilization;
  • Engage with specialists separately contracted to undertake highly specialized work that is to feed into the strategy, including but not limited to: (i) Review of current Theory of Change and Results Framework and possible revision; (ii) governance systems and options for GWP.
  • Write a “zero-draft strategy document” to be presented at GWP Steering Committee in December

Phase 2 (January – April 2019)

  • Process feedback from GWP steering Committee, including request for additional consultations or analyses, as needed.
  • Undertake (or support implementation of) and harvest insights from agreed additional consultations or specific relevant analyses (second batch);
  • Write a “draft strategy document”, reflecting all inputs
  • Support GWPO secretariat and GWP RWPs in designing the structure of the Workprogramme associated with the emerging strategy.

Phase 3 (May – June 2019)

  • Organize and harvest insights from a final review of the strategy document (possibly via a reference group)
  • Write a “final draft strategy document”, envisaged to be short and crisp, for presentation to GWP Steering Committee and Network Meeting (including a list of comments ‘received and built in’ and ‘received and not been able to build in’)

Other activities

  • Accompany the whole process, together with GWPO, through communication based on a jointly developed communications platform and plan
  • Make up to four trips to Stockholm and possibly additional locations to interact with key stakeholders (e.g. end August 2018; other dates to be determined)
  • As needed, contact and interview key stakeholders, e.g. GWP constituencies, donors and partners
  • Further activities may be identified.

At all stages of the assignment, close collaboration with the GWPO secretariat will be emphasized to ensure full ownership of the development of the new strategy as well as the actual strategy document. The GWPO project team (see below) will ensure the active participation of GWPO and RWPs staff commensurate with their ongoing responsibilities.

Consultants profile

The successful consultant will have at least 15 years of relevant experience.

  • Proven track record in the facilitation of strategy development processes for complex organizations, i.a. multi-layered, knowledge intensive and network-based organizations required.
  • Broad exposure to the international environment, in particular the development agenda and related international organizations and processes required.
  • Proven communications skills and ability to turn complex and technical concepts into accessible language for non-experts.
  • Knowledge of natural resources management challenges, i.a. water resources, climate issues an advantage.


The consultant will have as primary contacts the GWPO strategy formulation project team:

  • Monika Weber Fahr (Executive Secretary), project leader
  • Jacques Rey (Head of Network Operations), project coordinator
  • Molly Robbins (Programme Officer), project support

Formal reporting will be to the project leader.

Reference documents

GWP Strategy Note, June 2018 (see Appendix)