Research Technician (Environmental River Enhancement Programme) via ResearchGate

Inland Fisheries Ireland

Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪


The Office of Public Works Drainage Division. and Inland Fisheries Ireland have worked together since 1990 in scientific studies examining the impacts of channel maintenance and in developing mitigation measures for maintenance and for channel re-naturalisation in the context of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). There is a particular emphasis on fish and the fisheries habitat, involving a dovetailing of aquatic biology and fluvial geomorphology. The current emphasis is on implementing measures to increase the Ecological Quality Ratios (EQRs) of drained rivers up to GOOD status, as required by WFD. The set of tasks involves both desk and field investigations and delivery on a series of requirements.


Key Responsibilities

  • Day to day delivery of the Project under the supervision of the Senior Research Officer or other line manager as deemed necessary
  • Liaise closely with the Research Officer and supervise staff allocated to the project
  • Contribute to development of all core elements of the programme (admin, desk, field)
  • Comprehensive programme of field surveys in line with available resources and In context of EU Directives (Habitats and Water Framework)
  • Database storage of fisheries and habitat material (archival and new) for the purpose of interrogation and prioritising fisheries and habitat management
  • Support prioritisation of habitats and scenarios where OPW works may facilitate improvement of Ecological Quality Ratios (EQRs) for fish and habitat
  • Contribute to development of appropriate mitigation strategies for implementation in OPW’ maintenance work
  • Support production of guidance documents on mitigation options and best practise for channel maintenance/biodiversity
  • Contribute to applied studies supporting proposed works to be undertaken during 5-year programme period, examining hydromorphology options to facilitate improvement of channel EQR scores to GOOD status
  • Data Processing & Reporting Responsibilities
  • Assist in reviewing existing data sets for development of organizational database
  • Use of relevant statistical analysis to query data
  • GIS-linkage of all data and use of GIS for mapping and interrogation
  • Maintain raw data and all other records in a clear, concise manner
  • Participate in compiling reports in conjunction with the Research Officer

Communication Responsibilities

    • Liaise closely with the Research Officer responsible for the Project
  • Develop and Maintain close liaison with the relevant staff in IFI and in OPW Drainage Division.

Other Duties

  • Carry out such duties as may be assigned to the post from time to time by the Research Officer

The position will require flexibility regarding working hours.

Considerable travelling and residing in locations across Ireland, whilst conducting field work in all weather conditions.

Note: The above attempts to outline in a broad sense the range of duties associated with a Technician post. However other duties may arise as the requirements of the project and our stakeholders change over time.