Research Officer (Hydromorphology) via ResearchGate

Inland Fisheries Ireland

Dublin, , IE


IFI is a partner in the INTERREG VA Catchment CARE project led by Donegal Co. Co. The project is a cross-border one examining ecological quality of water (sensu Water Framework Directive-WTD) focusing on three catchments. The appointment will examine the Arney and Ulster Blackwater catchments with a view to scoping and actioning management interventions in the instream and riparian zones of channels that would lead to improvement in ecological quality. The appointee will undertake appropriate monitoring before and after any interventions in order to assess the appropriateness of measures and the level of success of measures.

The appointee will work with Project Catchment Officers in the Arney and Blackwater in the planning and execution of management interventions, participate in community awareness, education and networking with stakeholders. The appointee will work with the other project partners in achieve successful implementation of the range of tasks within the project.

This is a front-line leadership role and the successful candidate will have demonstrated excellence in networking and communication skills as well as excellence in planning and execution of applied scientific studies in field situations. The successful candidate will have academic and practical experience of fluvial geomorphology and aquatic ecology.


Key Responsibilities

  • Day to day delivery of the Project under the supervision of the Senior Research Officer or other line manager as deemed necessary
  • Liaise closely with the Senior Research Officer and supervise staff allocated to the project
  • Work independently in the field and with the support of IFI staff and of other project staff when required
  • Lead a scoping exercise in Year 1, networking with other project partners, to identify range of issues and locations in the target catchments where water quality is failing to achieve GOOD standard, as per Water Framework Directive (WFD). This will lead to production of a matrix of locations, issues, potential remedial measures and costings in order to inform selection of interventions to be implemented during the following years of the project.
  • Identification of remedial measures that are consistent with the hydromorphology of the receiving waterbody
  • Identification of appropriate monitoring strategies to assess water body status for Water Framework Directive (WFD) quality elements, primarily for fish and hydromorphology
  • Implementation of monitoring programme to assess level of success of various instream and riparian measures implemented, to include pre- and post- works assessments
  • Work with relevant state agencies in NI and RoI to develop environmental protocols for riparian and instream measures that could be implemented during routine statutory channel maintenance work

Data Processing & Reporting Responsibilities

  • Review all literature and existing data sets in relation to the programme
  • Analyse all of the data collected and present in GIS compatible format
  • Contribute to database development for storage of data collected
  • Maintain raw data and all other records in a clear, concise manner
  • Compile reports to support the research carried out
  • Contribute to the authorship of reports, management briefs and scientific publications linked with the project

Communication Responsibilities

  • Maintain close liaison with relevant staff of IFI both in R&D and in relevant RBDs
  • Liaise with the organisations involved in the project and other groups as required
  • Ensure deadlines for the projects are met and work is carried out      

Other Duties

  • Carry out such duties as may be assigned to the post from time to time by the Senior Research Officer

The position will require flexibility regarding working hours.

Considerable travelling and residing in locations across Ireland, whilst conducting field work in all weather conditions.

Note: The above attempts to outline in a broad sense the range of duties associated with the Research Officer post. However other duties may arise as the requirements of the project and our stakeholders change over time.