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An analysis by the United Nations University rated Vanuatu as the most disaster-prone country in the world, vulnerable to earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and climate change. It’s estimated that currently natural disasters cost Vanuatu’s economy tens of millions of dollars a year. Each year there are multiple responses to disasters. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector coordination is led by DoWR. During WASH emergencies, the Vanuatu WASH cluster, with DoWR as the secretariat, organizations coordination of response activities. UNICEF acts as the co-chair of the cluster in emergencies. During non-emergency, monthly meetings of the WASH Sector are scheduled to discuss preparedness, coordination and learning, but given the large number of emergencies in Vanuatu, these meetings are often replaced by active cluster meetings. MoH also leads a Sanitation and Hygiene working group, which also aims to meet monthly. Active members of the WASH Sector, WASH Cluster, and Sanitation and Hygiene working group are mostly government and non-profit staff members, though some private sector actors occasionally join. The membership of the WASH Sector and Cluster are largely the same people, with a smaller subset typically joining the Sanitation and Hygiene working group. In addition to these groups, there is a National Water Advisory Council (NWAC), that meets every quarter. The NWAC is made up of GoV Directors and other key water stakeholders or their designated officers. There is a need to strengthen the provincial level water advisory councils (PWAC) and improve the provincial level ability to respond to WASH disasters.

Purpose of Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to improve the Torba, Tafea, Sanma and Malampa Provincial water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) response and sector coordination.

Scope of Work/ Work Assignments:

The consultant will conduct 4 trainings for the Provincial WASH Sector (3 days) and PWAC (2 days) in Torba, Tafea, Sanma and Malampa. The consultant will review previous training materials and adapt them as appropriate. The consultant will review the PWAC Terms of Reference, relevant Acts, Draft National Water Strategy, National Implementation Plan for Water Safety and Security (NIP),

Work Schedule:

The consultant will need at least 5 weeks in Vanuatu between now and until 10 December 2018 to complete the trainings. The consultant will finalize the training agenda at least 2 weeks in advance. The consultant will finalize the travel schedule at least one month in advance. It is anticipated that one province will be trained directly after the other.

Payment Schedule

Payments will be made monthly based on submission of 1) schedule 2) training agenda 3) compilation of existing training material 4) adapted training materials as required and 5 ) reports of the completed training, certified by the supervisor.

Deliverables/End Products

The consultant will be paid based on the following deliverables:

  • Schedule, Training Agenda and compilation of existing training material (10%)

  • Adaptation of Training Materials (30%)

  • Reports of completed training (55%)

  • Photographs of activities for communication team (5%)

Consultant’s Work Plan and Official Travel Involved:

The consultant is required to make his/her own travel arrangements from Place of recruitment to duty station and back on the most direct route and economical travel class. Travel costs and living allowance will be reimbursed to the consultant upon submission of invoice and travel documents, not to exceed travel and living allowance. All related internal/external official travel of the individual contractor will be organized by the individual contractor and costs reimbursed accordingly. The consultant is also required to organize his own visa to the duty station – DoWR will provide a support letter to assist with visa approval.

Consultant’s Work Place:

The consultant should spend most of their work time in the Provinces, but may complete written work at a location of the consultants choice. (Preference given to those willing to spend more preparation time in Vanuatu)

Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:


A post-graduate degree in a relevant topic. Significant relevant experience can be considered in lieu of a post-graduate degree.


At least 5 years of experience:

  • Mentoring, training and building the Capacity of provincial or county level Government staff.

  • Responding to WASH disasters


English and local language


  • Communication

  • Working with People

  • Drive for Results

  • Applying technical expertise

  • Planning and Organizing

  • Following Instructions and Procedures

How to apply:

Submit a CV and cover letter to Esther Sandrin Teitoka [email protected]. In the cover letter, please clearly state the following:

  • Daily Rate
  • Required Living Allowance
  • Years of Experience in Vanuatu or the Pacific
  • Example of WASH Emergency and Coordination Training Material Adaptation or creation

Applications will be considered as they are received. Therefore, please apply as soon as possible.