Consultant international pour la validation du Plan de Contingence (WASH)

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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The purpose of the consultation is to provide the water, sanitation and hygiene sector with a national contingency plan and to build national emergency capacity.
Specifically, 2 components make up the consultation:
– Component 1: Preparation and facilitation of a national validation workshop of the National Contingency Plan WASH 
– Component 2: Facilitating Emergency WASH training focused on rapid assessment
The methodology to be followed for the realization of the Consultation is as follows:
Component 1: Validation of the National Contingency Plan WASH
Insert current information and new elements influencing humanitarian responses to WASH in the current version of the document
Develop the presentation of the WASH Contingency Plan during the validation workshop
Ensure the technical organization of the validation workshop and ensure its facilitation
Component 2: Emergency WASH Training 
a. Develop the emergency WASH training module
b. Organize and facilitate technical training on emergency WASH
c. Design practical field simulation and conduct practical training
d. Draft, on the basis of the results and orientations of the workshop, the final version of the Strategic Plan for Individual Sanitation (PSAI)
The deliverables of this consultation are:
A presentation of the WASH National Contingency Plan Summary (accepted slide format)
Training materials on the general context of emergency WASH interventions, rapid assessment tools and all aspects to be integrated, coordination mechanisms and main technical emergency solutions in Access to water Drinking, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion
The final version of the National WASH Contingency Plan document, 3 copies in hardcopy and electronic version (* word format and pdf format)