UK citizens: Satellite Earth Observation Strategy Lead

London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

The UK Space Agency is seeking to recruit enthusiastic, top talent to lead the strategic development of its Satellite Earth Observation (EO) programmes in the changing political landscape. 
You will work within the EO and Climate team to help develop clear policy and a robust strategy to enable the Agency to shape the future of EO, both domestically and globally. Whilst continuing to support our world leading EO community to develop cutting edge research and technology, through to missions, data management, applications and use. 
This is an exciting opportunity to join the UK Space Agency, as the UK is taking the leading role in the European Space Agency’s (ESA) EO programmes; negotiating its future relationship with the EU and building international bilateral space missions. The post holder will fulfil a vital role in a dynamic team, quickly building responsibilities to work collaboratively within the Agency, with industry (both UK and international) and with academia. 
The EU led Copernicus programme is the most ambitious EO programme in the world, providing accurate, timely and easily accessible information to improve the management of the environment; understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security. The Government’s policy to exit the European Union raises challenges for the UK Copernicus stakeholders; the Agency is seeking a motivated, self-starter who can work creatively to anticipate problems and take a proactive approach to providing critical support to the work of the EO team, as it looks to ensure we can still be world leaders in EO technology, science and the development of innovative services. The candidate must be a team player and be capable of delivering at pace on challenging issues across multiple teams. 
The role will necessarily evolve, creating new opportunities for professional development and career advancement as the Government implements its EO policy. 

Key Responsibilities: 
• Work collaboratively across Government community to support the team’s strategy for the UK’s future of Earth Observation. Identifying opportunities and emerging risks and then thinking creatively and analytically to develop a strong, forward-looking policy position. 
• Reflective UK Space Agency and wider Government interests, support the development of policy and strategy to keep the UK at the forefront of EO in a changing political landscape. Work across Whitehall, with industry and academia to help develop the UK’s domestic EO programme, with growth and innovation embedded within the approach.
• Engaging with stakeholders inside and outside of Government (industry, academia and other Government departments), representing the Agency in meetings, preparing briefings for Ministers and senior officials, developing positions to specific issues and drafting of lines to take. 
• Working with industry and academic stakeholders to explore their concerns and priorities and ensure that they are fed into any analysis (by phone, in person, by convening and chairing meetings); to develop a strong understanding of the impacts and priorities of future UK space policy. 
• Keeping abreast of other innovation and growth tools across government and sharing information that is relevant to other colleagues. 
• Regularly provide clear and concise briefings to the team and Agency Exec Board on the status of the plans, risk and issues. Provide reports to Ministers, senior officials when required both verbally and in written form. 
• Horizon scanning for opportunities and risks emerging from our withdrawal from the EU and apply strategic thinking and policy making experience (including producing business cases, applying analytical skills and developing implementation plans) to develop mitigation plans to ensure UK growth. 
• The role may involve line management responsibility for 1x HEO.