WASH Field Officer via ReliefWeb

Hudur, , SO

Organisational background:

Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) has been conducting humanitarian programs in Somalia since May 1992. Currently, AAH is conducting its humanitarian activities in Somalia focused on treating and preventing malnutrition, increasing access to clean water and appropriate sanitation, strengthening the food-security, livelihoods and thus boosting the resilience of communities in Somalia as well as emergency response via program bases in Somalia.

The Positions and responsibilities:

AAH Somalia is looking for suitable candidates to fill the position of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Field Officer. The position will be based in Hudur Bakool region. The incumbent reports to the WASH Program Manager.


The WASH Field Officer will support and supervise the implementation of the water, sanitation and hygiene projects on the Hudur base.

Mission 1: Support the Program Manager:

  • Assist the Program Manager in the planning of all the activities of the program;
  • Support the PM in the design and construction of water and sanitation facilities;
  • Support the PM in the design of training booklets for the committees;
  • Do, together with team leaders the bill of quantities and the schemes of facilities;
  • Ensure the design of IEC (Information, Education, Communication) tools and the implementation of promotion activities within the communities;
  • Support the PM in the Procurement Request process;
  • Support the PM in the follow-up of HR, financial and logistics aspects of the project;
  • Lead the Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) surveys and Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM);
  • Ensure the collaboration with the local authorities in the intervention areas;
  • Support the Program Manager in the writing of weekly and monthly reports.

Mission 2: Supervise the activities of the program and the team members:

  • Give a technical support to the supervisors, officers and assistants;
  • Follow-up the progress of the activities in compliance with the planning done by the PM;
  • Ensure the supply of construction sites and the availability of materials in the stocks and sites;
  • Supervise the quality of the works and the respect of deadlines;
  • Ensure the surveillance of materials and of security of workers on the construction sites;
  • Supervise and evaluate the activities of the supervisors;
  • Supervise the implementation of all program activities;
  • Ensure with the supervisors the monitoring of water and sanitation facilities and the work of the committees.

Mission 3: Training, sensitization and social mobilization:

  • Ensure the technical trainings of Head of Projects, Team Leaders, Technicians and Promoters;
  • Ensure jointly with the Head of Projects the elaboration of key messages, booklets, tools and kits for trainings and promotion sessions;
  • Support the Head of Projects, Team Leaders and Promoters during sensitization sessions and trainings;
  • Ensure the follow-up of committee activities;
  • Ensure the appropriation of the project by the communities and of the participation of communities to the activities ;
  • Ensure that population accept and implement the practices taught by the committees and the teams.

Mission 4: Relay Action Against Hunger’s activities and objectives to the communities and partners:

  • Develop contacts and explain to stakeholders and to populations the activities and the objectives of the programs;
  • Represent the organization with the beneficiaries with the agreement of the hierarchical supervisor;
  • Inform local authorities about all aspects of the programs;
  • Involve and inform the communities in the implementation of the program;
  • Work in collaboration with the stakeholders.

Qualifications, experience and competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant field to WASH development assistance
  • Technical ability to draft Watsan work estimates (BoQs, associated Drawings and Scope of Works)
  • Experience of 2 years in WASH sector (same position or Supervisor position)
  • Reading and writing; Report writing
  • Complex calculations
  • Analysis capacity; Capacity building
  • Social mobilization and hygiene promotion
  • Budget follow-up, Logistic management and stock follow-up
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Survey and sampling methodology (KAP / PDM)
  • Organization, Rigor and a Critical mind
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Ability to plan for self and team, forecast, anticipate and respect deadlines
  • Ability to use Word (basic level)
  • Ability to use Excel
  • Ability to use Powerpoint
  • Fluent in Somali and English (oral and writing)