Development Worker (IWRM)

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Tarija, , BO

Bolivia is one of the ten countries most affected by climate change and is confronting problems of water scarcity due to lack of precipitation and increasing average temperatures. The ‘Integrated watershed management and rural development PROCUENCA’ supports the Ministry of Environment and Water (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua, MMAyA) in its efforts to improve basin-scale water management and assure water availability for human consumption, agriculture and private sector activities. The goal of the program is to improve water security in Bolivia through climate-sensitive water resource management. At the national level, the program aims to strengthen the political, regulatory and institutional framework through institutional arrangements that promote consistent methods for monitoring approaches and data management. Multi-stakeholder platforms will be established in two strategic catchment areas (Río Azero and Río Guadalquivir) to jointly develop watershed management plans (Plan dirección de cuencas, PDC). The program advises key decision-makers on the identification and implementation of climate-relevant measures at the basin level to reduce shared water related risks for all water users. The program also aims to strengthen the planning, technical and organizational capacities of key watershed stakeholders (government officials, the Chuquisaca and Tarija Departmental Governments, municipalities and civil society actors to support decisions on water resource security.

Your Tasks


  • To assist the ‘Water Resources Management’ team of the Vice Ministry of Water and Irrigation (VRHR) and its decentralized watershed unit (Unidad de Gestion de Cuenca, UGC) in Sucre in establishing multi-stakeholder processes for climate-sensitive water management
  • To establish and institutionalize a local Water Management Unit in Sucre and support efficient and strategic planning, coordination and management processes
  • To facilitate a participatory multi-stakeholder dialogue with key watershed actors such as relevant government agencies, sub-national representatives, civil society, academia, think tanks and other non-state actors to reduce water security in order to reduce water related risks in the catchment area
  • To accompany capacity development processes for improving planning, technical and organizational skills of key watershed players
  • To advise key stakeholders on preparing their watershed management plans, prioritize actions and implement climate-sensitive measures that contribute to minimizing water risks
  • To ensure that aspects of intercultural awareness and gender equality are considered as transversal themes
  • To ensure that views and interests of key actors are included in decision-making processes and to accelerate equal participation of women in decision-making
  • To support cooperation and networking between institutions at catchment level
  • You closely coordinate your activities with the PROCUENCA team in La Paz

Your Profile

  • Academic degree in water and environmental management, biology, ecology, pedagogy, anthropology or related discipline 
  • Knowledge and professional experience in organizing and implementing capacity development measures in water resource management
  • Knowledge and experience in the field of organizational development with many stakeholders, e.g. establishing watershed management units for IWRM • Knowledge and experience in advising local authorities and social actors on water and environmental issues.
  • Experience in the inclusion of gender and intercultural aspects in watershed management plans and capacity development processes.
  • You are team-oriented, proactive, good at developing strategies and not easily frustrated
  • You have excellent communication skills in Spanish language (oral and written)
  • You have knowledge and / or experience in the didactic development of training material and you enjoy coaching and passing your knowledge on to others (desirable)
  • You have experience in advising organizations with various stakeholders (desirable)
  • You have knowledge and/or experience with the didactic development of Training materials and you enjoy to work as a trainer and share your knowledge with others (desirable) 
  • You are familiar with Latin American culture and have some work experience preferably in the field of integrated water resource management and climate change adaptation (desirable)
  • Very good knowledge of the German and Spanish language (written and spoken)

Location information

Office in Sucre, health care good, local health care on site guaranteed. Shopping and supply options very good. All goods of daily life and international products are purchasable. Very good accessibility, national airport in Sucre, very good national transport system.