Non-revenue Water Management Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Kerala, India 🇮🇳

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The State of Kerala has been experiencing extreme and prolonged dry weather in the recent times depleting the water resources and affecting the sustainability of drinking water services. There is an immediate need to implement focused climate resilient water services sustainability program founded on the basic principle of demand management through provision of continuous water supply coupled with an effective non-revenue water reduction program. Kerala Water Authority, the pan-state water service provider has prepared preliminary project proposals to ensure climate resilient and sustainable drinking water services in the three cities of Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode herein afterwards referred to as Kerala Urban Water Services Improvement Project (KUWSIP).

Government of Kerala through Government of India has applied for loan funding from Asian Development Bank (ADB) for KUWSIP, referred further as ‘the Project’. The Project envisages to deliver:

(i) 100% coverage of 24/7 metered universal water supply for domestic, institutional and commercial users in 3 cities by reducing the NRW to 20% in three cities, through performance-based DBO contract (10 years);

(ii) Set up information management system for three cities comprising SCADA and upgraded custom service centers;

(iii) Optimized water treatment plants operation and maintenance and integrated in SCADA systems;

(iv) Developing strategy for wastewater and Septage management improvements; and

(v) Institutional strengthening and capacity development for sustainable water supply services.

Scope of Work

The project development support unit (PDSU) will have specialists covering related sectors. He/She shall

(i) Undertake sector preparatory work, define the scope of the ensuing project, prepare the procurement plan and undertake (a) technical and systems assessment, (b) safeguards due diligence, and (c) financial sustainability and economic viability assessment of the ensuing project; (ii) Assist the IA in undertaking advance contracting actions for the proposed project by: (a) prepare the TOR of the loan implementation support unit(LISU) and help the PMU to do the recruitment; b) help PMU with the bidding document and the bidding out.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The specialist is required to:

(i) Work with the KWA to confirm its water supply strategy and short-term plan;

(ii) Help to prepare the TOR of the loan implementation support unit(LISU) and help the PMU to do the recruitment;

(iii) Help to developing strategy for wastewater and Septage management improvements with the cost estimate in three cities;

(iv) Join the site visit, confirm the project scope, help with the procurement plan and packages proposed for the loan;

(v) Help to do assessment of level of Non-Revenue Water and developing indicative water balance;

(vi) Lead the analysis of historical leak repair data and age profiling of networks;

(vii) Lead the development of a transmission network hydraulic model reflecting the current supply regime to different neighborhood zones in the city;

(viii) Assist the IA in developing and establishing smart water management, service level data acquisition and monitoring system and reflect it in contract terms;

(ix) Lead the developing an outline service improvement plan for reducing non-revenue water and provision of continuous pressurized water supply services including (i) improving water treatment efficiency by debottlenecking of existing water treatment plants; (ii) optimizing energy consumption by improving pumping regime; (iii) improving service coverage to achieve universal coverage; (iv) improving network efficiency by establishing district metered areas, flow and pressure instrumentation, active leakage control; and (v) management improvements including customer services, billing, revenue collection, operational offices, maintenance management, record keeping etc. complete;

(x) Help the IMS specialist with the preparing of bill of materials sufficient for bidding purposes with cost estimate for implementing the service improvements including implementation;

(xi) Help to the IMS specialist to develop the information management system including SCADA.

(xii) Provide specialist advice the bidding documents, the Contracts and bidding;

(xiii) Review bidding documents for technical accuracy, completeness and the proper assignment of risks;

(xiv) Develop programs for and introduce the standardization of SCADA. GIS, Maintenance Management and Customer Care and Billing water supply and waste water management systems, and where possible standardize on the use of materials and equipment to reduce future maintenance costs;

(xv) Develop and deliver a capacity building program for the KWA including customer billing and collection, and on the use and implementation of contemporary water supply and waste water management systems, with an emphasis on maintenance; and

(xvi) Help the ADB missions and the loan document preparation when needed.

Expected outputs include:

(i) TOR of the loan implementation support unit (LISU);

(ii) Revised and confirmed procurement plan;

(iii) Revised and standardised bidding documents; standardised contracts

(iv) Standardized SCADA and IMS system.

(v) Other loan documents needed.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The Specialist will be an Engineer with minimum 25 years of experience in the infrastructure industry with a focus on NRW. The specialist would have extensive working knowledge in India in the water supply, and NRW sectors with a strong understanding of local contracting market and business acumen of potential contractors.