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Hand in Hand for Syria

Gaziantep, , TR

Brief description of HIH:

Hand in Hand for Syria (HIHS) has been providing humanitarian assistance inside Syria through multi-sectoral interventions (health, WASH, FSL, shelter/NFI, community empowerment and protection) since 2011. HIHS currently employed over 550 staff (roughly 50 staff in Turkey and over 500 in Syria), of which 61% with medical backgrounds (medical doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, psychosocial workers), 7% are qualified engineers. HIHFAD focuses on delivering multi-sectoral, reintegrated Programme to the targeted population, and conduct cross-sectoral, internal referrals (protection/FSL/health).

Brief description of the Department Program:

Within WASH department, the team in Tukey in charge of overall Programme implementation, reporting and donor relationship. The field team inside Syria, under supervision of the team in Turkey oversees the supervisions, monitoring of work plan progress inside Syria. HIH’s WASH interventions takes the form of direct implementation of “Water System Rehabilitation” water system to provide safe clean drinking water and rehabilitation of water networks in the city of Idleb, where HIHFAD has a field office. The WASH program also supports local councils and increases their capacity in terms of water management through various trainings and workshops for local councils and water units on Tariff System, Fee Collection and WASH Services Management. In west of the Idleb, HIHFAD completed rehabilitation of 9km irrigation channels, resulting in 800ha land irrigated for agriculture to support 470 farmers.

Purpose of the Position:

WASH Programme manager is responsible for overall implementation of WASH Programme as well as for capacity building of the WASH team staff, Programme reintegration/coordination and donor relationships.

Job Responsibilities:

Programme Management:

· Developing and managing Operational plan for each project and serving the plans, follow up and consult the Health of Programme as required.

· Supervise the Programme related procurement process, including initiating/reviewing tender process.

· Develop the Concept Notes and proposals of new projects and Finalizing and submitting proposals for new project opportunities.

· Ensure that WASH interventions are compliant with HRP, HNO, cluster priorities and donors’ strategies.

· Building and supervising Information Management system for the program.

· Supervising Security updates and incidents reports of ongoing projects to partners/donors, monthly report, reviewing 4Ws, daily updated reports.

Financial Management:

· Develop, manage the project budgets and the staff allocation.

· Delegate and supervise financial management of each project to the WASH staff and revise the project budgets as required.

· Follow up the payment status such as the outstanding or the new payments form partners.

· Endorsing all the program payments and documents.

Quality management:

· Supervise the daily follow up of the project with the team to discuss and review the project process.

· Supervising and Finalizing the donor reports in a timely manner.

· Ensuring compliance of the program, in all phases such as the design, activities, implementation, all to be complained with the organization goal, strategy, P&Ps in one side and with the humanitarian standards and the P&Ps of the donor or the partner in other side.

· Supervising, Processing the follow up the MEAL findings, reports and Lesson Learned log of all projects.

Coordination/ Reintegration:

· Cooperating and coordinating with HIH programs and departments as needed to ensure the availability of projects needs according to the project objectives and needs and the available funds of the projects.

· Engaging in SMT meetings, Donors meeting, ITWG, ATWG, cluster meetings as needed, and arrange kick off meetings for the program projects.

· Coordinating the HIH role as WASH Cluster Co-LEAD.

· Arrange field coordination for ongoing projects .

Staff management and development:

· Being effectively involved in Recruitment process starting with drafting TORs, JDs and interviews.

· Supporting new employees during the orientation process .

· Supporting all team building activities.

· Be effectively involved in Performance Appraisal Process.

· Being effectively involved in training needs assessments of the program team .

Advocacy and Donor relations:

· Advocate with existence donors for comprehensive new project.

· Promote for inclusion of protection activities with current partners and donors.

· Managing and supervising the communication with donors/ partners.

· Explore the opportunities of new partnerships with new partners and donors.

· Supervise the capacity assessment that are provided by the donors or partners.

· Presenting HIH and WASH – SNFI to new potential donors, partners and at various arenas.

Knowledge and Qualifications:

· Knowledge on humanitarian WASH interventions, especially familiarity of WASH cluster priority and practices.

· University degree.

· Knowledge on the current northern Syria context will be an asset.

· English is a must, Turkish is preferred.


· Over 8 years of experiences including 2 years of experience .

· 3-4 years of humanitarian works, preferably in remote management.

· Progressive management experiences, proved records of handling multiple projects in parallel.

· Donor relationship, including initiating and maintaining relationships with new partners.

Skills and Abilities:

· Proven management skills, multi-tasked, well-organized approaches.

· Leadership and decision-making skills .

· Solid understanding of MEAL frameworks, and ability to compile lessons learned and present to the donors/the clusters.

· Skills in proposal development, in a gender-age sensitive manner.

· Ability communicate clearly and coordinate with various stakeholders who are not familiar with the humanitarian contexts.

· Ability to assess capacity gaps of the team staff and develop and implement a development plan for individual staff as well as one for the team.

· Analytical, attention to details, problem solving skill.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should fill the application vie the following link:


send their CVs, with a covering letter detailing their experience and motivation, to [email protected]

by COB 8th June 2018. Please note in the subject line of your email “HIHFS-2018-032”.

Only candidates who are short-listed for interviews will be notified.