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Water Youth Network

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About Water Youth Network

The Water Youth Network (WYN) now exists for 5 years, and functions as a 100% voluntary not-for-profit organization registered in The Netherlands. The WYN aims to connect water-related youth organizations and showcase best practices of young people working on water issues around the globe. The added value of WYN is based on promoting genuinely engagement of youth in the water sector delivering professional participation that represents a win-win situation for the water sector and the young professionals.  Funding for WYN is generated primarily through project-focused grants. To increase impact and support the activities of the volunteers, WYN requires the support of someone who can dedicate his/her time to marketing the YouKnoW Platform. 

About the YouKnoW! Platform

The WYN aims to showcase best and innovative practices of young people around the globe. As a supporting tool, we have created the YouKnoW! (Youth-driven Knowledge in Water) Platform, an online database available on the WYN website. Using an interactive map, the idea is with  only a “click of a mouse” users can access youth-led projects or organisations aimed at solving water issues, connect with a vibrant community and expand partnerships; it’s a new virtual collaboration space founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. The interactive YouKnoW! platform goals are to inspire, develop, and disseminate knowledge; to support communication on successful and innovative practices implemented by youth; and to connect these local experiences to international efforts.

The Map that aims at providing a quick search in the dynamic database to visitors of the website is now online and can be visited via 

In addition, we aim to develop three main tools:

      The Ideas Incubator; for those who would like to start a new idea and seek for strategic partners

      The Research Lab; displays information of up to date technology developed in specific topics

      The Strategic Forums; a space to exchange ideas and work in a collaborative way.

WYN has raised funds and won a prize to further develop the YouKnoW! Platform. This funding will be used to invest in the map and tool development, as well as attracting users.

The platform represents the efforts to connect, engage, and empower young people to contribute more effectively in the water sector. All work of the WYN volunteers is connected to the platform. Also, we believe that this map, connecting youth around the world, will make a big change in youth participation in the water sector. Thus, it is extremely important to get as many people as possible to know about the platform and attract potential youth organisations and best practice project leaders to join. The YouKnoW! Platform can only achieve the objectives and become a number one tool to be used in the water sector if a successful marketing is ensured.

Description and Responsibilities

The WYN and the YouKnoW! Platform team has therefore decided to invest in hiring a specialist in communications and marketing with good planning skills and ability to interact effectively across different working groups. In addition, the candidate should be able to work independently and proactively. Good interpersonal, writing and verbal skills in English are required (and other languages desirable), as well as an ability to handle multiple tasks at once. We highly value candidates with a good understanding and skills in WordPress, previous experience and creativity in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr) for NGOs (or any other organization) and preferably design skills (Adobe, InDesign, Illustrator).
Previous experience with environment and especially water related topics is desirable.

      Main deliverable

Lead and assist in the development and accomplishment of communication and marketing activities connected to the YouKnoW map, with the main aim to add at least 500 youth organisations and projects to the map. We expect that this will be achieved through an active communication and marketing strategy, building upon existing relations of WYN, and activities and events directed towards youth in the water sector.

      Specific deliverables

     Design, implement and manage communication, Social Media Communication plan and marketing strategy to attract YouKnoW! Platform users.

     Maintain, and follow up on, communication with youth projects and organisations, answer questions regarding YouKnoW!, collect their information and help to input and update information on their projects and organisations in the YouKnoW! platform in a timely manner to reach the main goal of adding 500 youth-led projects/youth organisations. If needed, connect users to WYN representatives.

     Produce materials for YouKnoW! promotion at WYN attended events (conferences, international forums, water-related events, workshops, youth-innovation events, etc.) to attract new projects and expand the database to a minimum of 500 projects and organisations.

     Develop, supported by WYN’s volunteers and partners, regular high-quality content related to the YouKnoW! Platform for the WYN Website and social media platforms, including multimedia pieces, articles, videos, etc.

     Identify information from organisations and projects that can be used to develop online and offline content to be used in the communication strategy and can, for instance, be shared via the communication channels of the WYN and WYNs’ partners.

     If improvements need to be made to the YouKnoW! Website to ensure better marketing opportunities, the marketing specialist will suggest such changes to the WYN.

      You can expect:

     An international and very friendly environment working with young professionals

     Flexibility regarding time management

     Support of an engaged group of volunteers

The candidate will be hired as a consultant on a contractual basis for the duration of activities. The activities and durations will be agreed prior and amongst the applicant and the team (including important deadlines).

Timing, funding and management

The activities will be undertaken from July 2018 to 31 January 2019, with an estimated average of 2 days a week. Applicants are invited to share a quote including planning, based on the information provided. The consultant can decide him/herself how to best divide the time over the period of work, which will be finalised in consultation with the YouKnoW! Coordinators upon hiring.

Every 2 months, a progress meeting will be held to discuss the advancement in meeting the deliverables. The payment of the invoices will be connected to milestones, for instance a certain number of organisations added to the platform, to be set jointly by the YouKnoW! Coordinators and the consultant.

About the team

You will work directly under the YouKnoW! Coordinators (Amy and Janet) and the YouKnoW! Communications and Events Task force project manager (Adele) focused on communicating ongoing opportunities, advertising the YouKnoW! Platform and promotion of  communications among the incipient YouKnoW! Community.

How to apply

Send a CV, a letter of motivation (one-page) and a quote reflecting the deliverables described including a  schedule of the project deliverables (15 July 2018 to 31 January 2019, for 2 days a week), to the Project Manager Adele Young ([email protected]) and platform Coordinator: Amy Albrecht ([email protected]) before 29 June, 2018.