International Consultant for Climate Finance Readiness

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Home-based, , BD

Government of Bangladesh has drafted and validated a Country Programme Framework for Climate Change with the support from GCF through UNDP. This CPF is also validated by stakeholders with some comments and observation. The National Designated Authority (NDA) is going to finalize the

Despite the country having a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, the CPEIR findings clearly demonstrate the need for a whole of Government approach in climate change and a comprehensive country programme framework based on new knowledge and needs. The NAP Road Map, Climate Fiscal Framework (CFF) and submitted INDC also need to be considered in developing the Country Programme Framework. Bangladesh seeks GCF’s support for its readiness process for the activity-2 area in order to develop a Country Programme Framework, thereby also enhancing its capacity to access international climate finance resources.

Enabling activities, such as NAP Road Map, BCCSAP, INDC, CFF and national communication processes have benefitted from support from multilateral executing entities such as the UNDP. Such projects were meant to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of the country. Yet, Bangladesh NDA still lacks adequate capacity in climate change to address the multiplicity of existing climate-related strategies, plans and programmes in Bangladesh, and to facilitate direct access to climate financing for the implementation of climate-related projects and programmes.

With the GCF readiness support, Bangladesh will collate, understand and review the mentioned plans and strategies at the national level, assess their adequacy, prioritize those with transformational potential, and identify gaps that may need to be filled in order to produce a robust country programme consistent with the Green Climate Fund’s initial investment framework. Readiness support will hence contribute to strengthening Bangladesh’s institutional capacity at the national level to develop a GCF country programme and also to propose appropriate country programme frameworks for climate change in general. This framework will be helpful for channeling the climate investment proposals of National Implementing Entities (NIEs) and Multilateral Implementing Entities (MIEs) to Green Climate Fund.

The country also envisages to identify geographic and thematic options for programming, and collecting additional data available to cover identified gaps. Such a process is expected to enable development of a comprehensive portfolio of funding proposals that will be submitted for consideration by the GCF. In implementing these initiatives, the NDA will aim to avoid overlap or duplication with projects/programmes supported by other donor agencies.


The International Consultant will work with UNDP Bangladesh, the Economic Relations Division (ERD), Department of Archaeology (DoA), HEKS-EPER, and IDCOL to finalize the Country Programme Framework for GCF, develop full concept note for 3 UNDP supported GCF project, and support entities to conduct the feasibility studies in their respective concepts for developing full proposal. The purpose of the assignment is to support the above entities to get ready for accessing the money from GCF and other international and national climate funds.