PhD Studentship (Gauging river flows sustainably) via GlobalAcademyJobs

University of Southampton

Southampton, , GB

Reference number: SOU-1005018AT

Weirs are widely used hydraulic structures that provide accurate and robust means of measuring water flows in streams and canals. As such, they represent a key component of water management systems in the UK and worldwide. However, the flow characteristics imposed by weirs also poses significant challenges for fish migration, which often results in important negative impacts to riverine ecosystems. Previous research has identified the flow acceleration on the downstream face of weirs as the main barrier to fish migration. Increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of weirs and stricter regulations (e.g. Water Framework Directive) are shedding further light onto the need for new gauging methods that minimize impacts on fish migration.  

This project will focus on the design of alternative, innovative gauging structurees that are aimed at minimizing the negative effects on fish migration while maintaining the high accuracy of flow measurements over a wide range of flow conditions. The work will involve designing, building and testing reduced models of different weirs. Experimental tests will be performed in two hydraulics laboratories at University of Southampton. The expected outcome of the project is an innovative design of a hydraulic structure that can be used to measure river flows with minimum environment impact.  

We are looking for highly motivated applicants with a background in Civil Engineering and strong interest in open-channel hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Candidates should also have a broader interest in interdisciplinary research in flow-structure-fish interaction. Studentships are available for UK/EU candidates only.  

If you wish to discuss any details of the project informally, please contact Dr. Gustavo de Almeida, Water and Environment research group, Email: [email protected] 

Please be aware that the academic selectors review applications as soon as they are received so please make sure to submit your application for consideration as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  

This project is being run in participation with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (View Website). For details of our 4 Year PhD programme and further projects, please see

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