Program Director (Healthcare, Nutrition and Clean Water)

Hope for Haiti

Les Cayes, Haiti 🇭🇹

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Mission Statement: To improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition, and healthcare.

Brief Organizational Summary: Hope for Haiti is an innovative and creative international development organization that has been working in Haiti for 25 years. The organization partners with private donors to create community-based sustainable change through a grassroots and strategic holistic approach. Hope for Haiti is an action-oriented and fast-paced organization that believes in partnership solutions to poverty alleviation. Hope for Haiti’s vision for the future is one of strategic growth in creating healthy, sustainable communities. Hope for Haiti has a distinguished and well-established Board of Directors that provides the organization with strong governance, oversight, and strategic direction. Building upon the organization’s proven track record of success, Hope for Haiti stays true to its mission and founding principles, while offering a dynamic and supportive work environment. For more information about Hope for Haiti, please visit

Fondasyon Kuehner: Hope for Haiti is a US non-profit charitable 501c3 and is registered as a Haitian Foundation in Haiti called “Fondasyon Kuehner” in honor of Hope for Haiti’s Founder and Chair, JoAnne Kuehner.

Position Title: Program Director (Healthcare, Nutrition and Clean Water)

Location: Les Cayes, Haiti

Position Description:

The Program Director is responsible for coordinating and managing our healthcare, nutrition and clean water/sanitation programs, which includes overseeing our Infirmary Saint Etienne (ISE) operations, managing our Clean Water and Public Health Programs as well as monitoring several sub-programs such as Healthcare Access and Pa Kapab, which fall under the authority of ISE. The Program Director is responsible for documenting all program information, completing grant reporting and for maintaining positive, professional relationships with key program partners, other NGOs, and government ministries. The wide range of responsibilities of the Program Director requires a flexible and patient person with a strong capacity for problem solving and dedication to community-driven development. The Program Director reports directly to the Country Director in three key areas of responsibility:

1) Program Management, 50%

2) Finance and Budgeting, 15%

3) Program Development and Strategy 35%

Area I: Program Management

Program Management refers to the ongoing planning, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of Hope for Haiti’s programs. This area of responsibility is the Program Director’s principal role, and includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • In Program Documentation, the Program Director is responsible for managing program documentation for our Healthcare, Nutrition and Clean Water/Sanitation programs. This means organizing the Program Profiles, Site Visit Reports, and Project Updates for Hope for Haiti program locations and projects. Written updates should be both descriptive and critical, taking into account progress as well as ongoing challenges and needs. Beyond writing, he/she is responsible for photographing the projects sites, program activities, and people (students, teachers, patients, partners etc…) involved with Hope for Haiti’s work.
  • In Program Contact, the Program Director will manage written and verbal communication with program sites and maintain regular contact with partners, as needed. He/she is responsible for managing program site visits, for formulating and adhering to a site visit calendar, and for delegating visits, phone calls, and other contact to Hope for Haiti’s program support staff as appropriate. He/she will maintain an updated list of program partners’ contact and financial information. He/she will also be responsible for working with local partners to organize and participate in community meetings, as needed.
  • In Program and Grant Reporting, the Program Director will distribute/collect/manage all program-related reporting in a timely manner, while taking primary responsibility for communicating all reporting instructions and requirements clearly and sensitively to program partners. The goal of reporting is to assess in an ongoing and systematic way whether a given program is operating as intended. It is therefore important to adapt the established reporting mechanisms as programs evolve in order to ensure continued accountability and effective implementation. The Program Director will compile program information into donor and grant reports, including both qualitative and quantitative information. In addition, the Program Director will review, monitor and work to continually improve our Electronic Medical Records system at the Infirmary Saint Etienne.
  • In Monitoring & Evaluation, the Program Director will collect and analyze all data necessary to measure the efficacy and impact of Hope for Haiti’s programs. He/she will implement the current Monitoring and Evaluation systems while continuing to update and improve them so as to better capture both the benefits and the limitations of Hope for Haiti’s work. This will be essential to effectively completing grant reports.
  • In Staff Management, the Program Director will supervise the Medical Director and Infirmary Director, the Clean Water Technician and Public Health Nurses. The Program Director will work with the Medical Director to make sure all Human Resources information for the Infirmary Saint Etienne remains organized and updated.

Area 2: Finance and Budgeting

Review Hope for Haiti Healthcare, Nutrition and Clean Water budgets to ensure that line items are respected, Ensure that all Health and Sanitation related program staff are closely following Fondasyon Kuehner’s financial procedures. Assist the Country Director in monitoring expenditures to ensure that they stay within each program or project’s prescribed annual budget.

  • In Financial Review the Program Director will regularly monitor health, nutrition and clean water/ sanitation related expenses to ensure that they are following programmatic and grant guidelines as well as internal Fondasyon Kuehner procedures. The Program Director will work to improve finance and administrative best practices at the Infirmary Saint Etienne.
  • In Budget Monitoring and Formulation the Program Director will monitor Hope for Haiti’s Healthcare, Nutrition and Sanitation-related budgets to ensure that budget lines are respected. The Program Director will also help formulate new budgets each fiscal year.

Area 3: Program Development and Strategy

Program Development refers to the growth, change, and improvement of programs as they occur in Haiti and in Naples. In Haiti, quantitative and qualitative data gathered from Monitoring & Evaluation activities should be used to inform scaled and effective program evolution. In Naples, “development” refers to the pursuit of sufficient and sustainable funding for programs. The Program Director will play a leading role in the former and a supporting role in the latter.

  • In Program Design and Growth, the Program Director will be responsible for working with local partners and other NGOs to develop new sustainable programming, while improving upon and expanding existing programs. This includes, but is not limited to, working with local partners and other NGOs to identify community resources, local capacity and opportunities for health and sanitation related social business development and investment.
  • In Fundraising & Outreach, the Program Director is responsible for providing regular information to the Naples Development Department and the Director of Program Communications as it is needed for grants, formal donor reports, and informal donor updates. A schedule will be provided to the Program Director so that updates can be balanced with in-country responsibilities.
  • In Publications & Communications, the Program Director supports Naples in writing and providing photos for weekly From the Field Updates, monthly E-grams, donor reports, and the Annual Report, as his/her schedule allows.
  • In Program Updates, the Program Director will provide succinct and timely updates on the status of each program and related successes and challenges as they occur, on weekly staff calls, for quarterly Board of Directors meetings, and as requested.
  • Regarding Formal Partnerships, the Program Director will assist the Country Director and President/CEO in managing any official collaboration with other organizations nationally or internationally, as they are relevant in Haiti. This may require international travel for conferences, meetings or presentations.
  • In Inter-agency Coordination, the Program Director will work to facilitate collaboration among program partners, other international and local NGOs, government ministries and private companies. These activities include but are not limited to organizing meetings and workshops, researching new organizations and initiatives, drafting summaries of other organizations’ activities, and maintaining contact with partners.
  • In Visitor Trips, the Program Director will assist the Director of Program Communications in providing a written itinerary of activities appropriate for the medical, student, or donor trips scheduled. He/she will facilitate on-the-ground orientation for the guests, and provide introductions to and explanations of all relevant programs. He/she will also play a vital role in working with local partners to organize and prepare for important donor visits. He/she will assist the Country Director in obtaining suitable transportation, lodging, and food for all members, in providing effective English/Creole language translation, and in ensuring the safety of all participants from their arrival in Haiti to their return to the United States. He/she will document each trip with written updates, photos, and videos accessible in digital form after the trip.


  • A bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) from an accredited university, Master’s Degree and registered physicians preferred. or Physicians License preferred.
  • A demonstrated interest in international development and a familiarity with the main concepts, theories, trends, and challenges in the field
  • Three years work/internship experience in the health services field. Two years of management experience preferred.
  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and a strong ability to prioritize
  • Experience with budget development, accounting, and reporting
  • Strong foreign language ability, including a proficient background in written and spoken French and/or Haitian Creole (at least one required but both preferred)
  • Creative problem solving skills and self-starting abilities
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, and photo editing are a required baseline)
  • Proper documentation and authorization to travel freely between the United States, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic


  • Personal commitment to the mission of Hope for Haiti
  • 30 month commitment as Program Manager in Haiti
  • Demonstrated experience adapting to and successfully integrating into a different culture; ability to respond appropriately and sensitively to cultural differences as they arise among the organization’s service population
  • Ability to adapt to and make level-headed decisions in stressful situations
  • Flexibility and patience in outlook and demeanor
  • Ability to live well alone or to host numerous guests in Les Cayes, Haiti and travel within the country
  • High energy and strong physical condition, including but not limited to the ability to hike distances over 5 kilometers and lift at least 30 lbs over the shoulders
  • Strong leadership qualities to direct Haitian team members and Mission Trips
  • Ability to resolve interpersonal conflict while preserving a team-oriented outlook