Post Doctoral Research Associate (Water and Environmental Research) via ResearchGate

Texas A&M University at Qatar

, , QA

Job description

The water and environmental research group at Texas A&M University at Qatar is looking for a motivated and qualified postdoctoral scholar to prepare new thin-film composite (TFC) membranes for pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) applications and to evaluate the performance of the PRO unit under different experimental conditions. The research work will take place as part of a joint project involving a consortium composed of both industrial and academic partners supported by Qatar National Research Fund. The research focus for this position is on the development of novel membrane materials for application in energy production from hypersaline water using PRO. The project will involve the use of a new approach for the preparation of TFC membranes that will be chemically stable, fouling resistant to the compounds in the source water, and with high mechanical strength.

Desired skills and experience

Applicants must have obtained a PhD in material science/engineering, chemistry or a related field with experience in membrane technology, nanotechnology, and material science. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required. Highly self-motivated individuals who have demonstrated the ability to conduct scientific research successfully and work independently are desirable. The candidate is expected to stay abreast of recent publications in the field of advanced membrane materials, develop research ideas and write research papers. The postdoctoral scholar is also responsible for maintaining lab equipment and reinforce lab hygiene and safety protocols.

Areas of Research

  • Material Characterization & Structure
  • Nanomaterials
  • Water Science & Engineering