Project Management Assistant (Regenerating ecosystems with NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction)

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Delft, , NL

Regenerating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk rEduCTion (RECONECT) aims to rapidly enhance the European reference framework on Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for hydro-meteorological risk reduction by demonstrating, referencing, upscaling and exploiting large-scale NBS in rural and natural area. In the era of Europe’s natural capital being under growing cumulative pressure from intensive agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and urban sprawl, RECONECT will stimulate a new culture of co-creation of ‘land use planning’ that links the reduction of hydrometeorological risk with local and regional development objectives in a sustainable and financially viable way. To do that, RECONECT draws upon the network of carefully selected Demonstrators and Collaborators that cover a wide and diverse range of local conditions, geographic characteristics, institutional/governance structures and social/cultural settings to successfully upscale NBS throughout Europe and Internationally. Hence, demonstration, testing and validation of large-scale NBS throughout Europe and Internationally in relation to technical and business case/economic viability is in the key focus of the project.

To achieve these ambitious goals, the RECONECT consortium brings together an unprecedented transdisciplinary partnership of researchers, industrial partners (SMEs and large consultancies) and authorities/agencies at local and watershed/regional level fully dedicated to achieve the desired outcomes of the project.

The 5‐year project (2018‐2023) is jointly executed by 36 partners, supported by the external advisory board and EU project office. The work is clustered around 7 work packages: WP1 Framing science, policy and practice of NBS, WP2 Demonstration, WP3 Co-evaluation and Validation, WP4 Overcoming barriers, upscaling and synergies with collaborators, WP5 Consolidation of evidence base, exploitation and standardization, WP6 Communication and Dissemination and WP7 Project Management and Coordination.

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