Roster WASH Consultants to be engaged by UNICEF offices across different locations in India

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

New Delhi or any of the 13 UNICEF Field Offices, , IN


Based on the WHO/UNICEF Joint monitoring programme (JMP) 2017 estimates, India’s WASH coverage is as follows: Sanitation coverage  is at 60% (93% Urban and  44% Rural); Drinking Water is at 88% (93% Urban and  85% Rural).

Further, based on the National Family Health Survey – 4 (2015-16) and WHO/UNICEF/World Bank 2016 joint estimates, India is home to one-third (46.8 million) of the 156 million stunted children world-wide. Similarly, there are around 50 million wasted children in the world, of which India alone houses 18.3 million (37%) of them. About 520 million people defecate in the open.

Safe WASH services in Communities and in institutions including Schools, Anganwadis and Health centres not only prevent Water borne diseases and infections for all including infants and children and helps children survive and thrive, but supports them to reach their full growth and development potential, which has an impact on learning and educational outcomes; and hence improving India’s macroeconomic growth.

As a technical partner, UNICEF supports both national and state Governments’ efforts to provide adequate and safe WASH services, resulting in the reduction of disease and infection, reducing diarrhea, enteric enteropathy and resulting  child stunting and wasting including among the most vulnerable populations, through improving universalizing access to and use of  adequate and quality WASH services including sanitation and hygiene facilities for adolescent girls at all relevant places including schools.


  • UNICEF is trying to build a pool of pre-qualified high-calibre candidates to be hired as ‘WASH Consultants’, from which UNICEF country office and different state offices can swiftly select and fill a requirement through a faster contracting process as soon as a need is identified.
  • Candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to apply in reply to an announcement, following which a desk review of their skills and experience will be done to determine whether they qualify for the WASH Roster. The process will ensure that all candidates in the WASH Roster Group are already evaluated prior to recommendation for a specific consultancy opportunity in any UNICEF office in India. Successful candidates, as per the desk review, will be notified and placed in a WASH Roster Group for a four (4) year period. However, engagement of identified consultants for specific assignments would be as per the terms and conditions specified in the specific contract entered into.
  • The roster of WASH Consultants, once in place, will allow WASH Network colleagues from ICO and states to select three or more potential pre-shortlisted candidates from the roster, for further appraisal and selection of the final candidate, rather than going through a full formal advertisement process for each consultancy assignment. Ideally, this will expedite the placement of consultants (both short term and long term) and provide the supervisor the opportunity to choose from a large pool of potential candidates with appropriate WASH background and experienced as required. The database will be managed centrally by Supply & Procurement (S&P) section, New Delhi.
  • In this context, should the currently on-board consultants with UNICEF be interested in being considered for future opportunities with UNICEF, they will need to apply to the roster.
  • The roster will be updated at least once every 2 years to ensure that it is always up-to-date and includes latest qualified candidates available. WASH section in consultation with S&P section will decide on the need and frequency of such updation.
  • If the WASH supervisor feels that appropriate candidates are not available in the list, the regular formal engagement process can be resorted to.


 The requirement of WASH Consultants would be to provide specialised assistance to WASH specialists and officers responsible for providing technical support to government at the  national / state / divisional / district level  levels WASH programming in Delhi and UNICEF supported states in India, with specific deliverables to be achieved for improved WASH outcomes. The position would be based at UNICEFs Country Office or State office HQ or selected district HQs within the states.

Possible locations are: New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Patna, Raipur and Ranchi. They can also be at State or District headquarters of counterparts in districts of the respective states.

Validity of Roster

The roster once established would be valid for a period of 4-years.

Qualifications, Specialized Knowledge and Experience Required:

  • University degree in Civil, Environment Engineering/ Statistics/ Water Supply/ Hydrogeology/ Environmental Sciences and Management/ Population sciences/ Social Sciences and social work/ urban and regional planning/ Public Health/ Rural Development and Management/ Monitoring and Evaluation/ Research/ Environmental Sustainability and Climate Changes/ Emergency preparedness and Response, and related fields
  • Technical knowledge: Knowledge about WASH programs including in context of India. Knowledge/familiarity with the national WASH flagship programs – SBM(G), WASH in School, WASH in Health Centres, Water Supply and NRDWP programmes and its status in the India and states, Environmental Sustainability and climate changes, Development programmes in urban areas, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
  • At least 3 years’ progressive experience of working in water, sanitation and hygiene sector in communities and/or institutions. This may include experience in sanitation and water technology; capacity building (CB), Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC); Project formulation; Data management and analysis; Water Safety and Security Planning; Monitoring and Evaluation; Documentation and Report writing; Environmental Sustainability and climate changes, Development programmes in urban areas; Research
  • Proven ability to advocate effectively with national state and district level officers of counterpart and other departments
  • Basic Knowledge of statistics, computation and analysis.  Working knowledge on analysis package like SPSS/ EP-Info/STATA will be an added advantage
  • Computer literate and conversant with MS Office and its application, internet, e-mail.  Ability to use computer software i.e. MS Office, MS Excel, PowerPoint, online data bases, and Internet programs
  • Knowledge of WASH Management Information Systems, data bases, monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Previous experience working with UN or bilateral agency will be an advantage
  • Knowledge on urban WASH and emergency response will be an added advantage
  • Language: Good verbal and written communication skills. Fluency in English and Hindi is required. Knowledge of other local Indian language as relevant to the state is an asset. Good negotiation and influencing skills supported by excellent communication and presentation skills is desirable.
  • Demonstrated excellent motivational skills to achieve behavior change in communities
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment and to establish harmonious and effective working relationships with governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations

How to Apply

Your application should contain the following 4 attachments:

Please submit your online application before COB 13 May 2018.

  1. Cover letter explaining the motivation for applying and also explaining how the qualifications and skill-set of the candidate are suitable for this position (to be uploaded online under cover letter)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) (to be uploaded online under CV/resume)
  3. 2 Work Samples – WASH relevant documents (You are required to submit 2 documents only)
  4. Technical Experience to be shared in the attached Template