Senior Researcher (Environmental Science) via ResearchGate

Prague, , CZ

Job Description

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czechia) invites applications for a full-time senior researcher position. We seek applicants with an environmental science major who would be a part of our research teams – Land Research Group, Spatial Science in Ecology, Environmental and Isotope Geochemistry Group, Human Adaptability Studies, Hydrological and Climate Variability, Plant Biodiversity and Evolution Research Group, and Wetlands Group (

The position is funded by the Czech Operational Programme Research, Development and Education, project no. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_027/0008366.

Position duration, starting date and salary: 

The duration of the position is 6-18 months, starting in September 2018. The gross monthly salary starts at 98,000 CZK (circa 3,843 EUR) including health insurance and social security cover.

  • PhD. or other appropriate level 8 of ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) qualification completed 7 or more years before May 2018
  • The applicant has worked outside of the Czech Republic for at least 2 years as a researcher (0.5 contract or more) during the last 3 years
  • The applicant must have H-index – minimum 8,5 value, calculated according to the guidelines provided in the normalization table below („Guidelines for the calculation of the normalized h-index“). Calculation of H-index value is based on Web of Science and Scopus. Researchers in social and human sciences does not have to fulfil this requirement.
  • The applicant has already published 3 peer-reviewed research outputs during last 5 years
  • The applicant has already participated in at least 1 international grant or national grant over the last 5 years as a coordinator or co-coordinator (from the date of submission of the request for funding)
  • The applicant will be involved in conducting research
  • The applicant will be obliged to take an active part in conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. organised by the receiving institution, at least 1 every 6 months of mobility
  • We expect that the researcher will contribute to the preparation of an application for an international project, e.g. H2020 type, which the Faculty of Environmental Sciences will be involved in
  • All research activities will be conducted in English; knowledge of the Czech language is not required.
Required application documents: 
  • Diploma (and its nostrification, if necessary)
  • Professional résumé (CV), including a list of publications
  • Confirmation of 2 years professional activity outside of the Czech Republic within the last 3 years (confirmation can also be included in the résumé – CV)
  • Calculation of normalized h-index, if applicable (signed by the researcher)
  • A brief description of the research that the senior researcher will work on, including justification for the study and its contribution to the field
  • Internship plan – availability, schedule of activities
Application deadline:

The deadline for application is 18 May 2018. Application review will begin immediately. Successful candidates will be contacted by 4 June 2018. The second round of the interview will take place in the form of a video call.