Development worker as consultant to strengthen the technical skills of the Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

La Paz, , BO

The program for drinking water and sanitation in suburban areas (PERIAGUA) contributes to improving the water supply and sanitation in Bolivia. It advises the Ministry of Water and Environment about the further development of the political and legal framework of the water supply. The program continues to advise the government, municipalities and water utilities in selected regions on how to increase the number of household connections to new sewage systems. In addition, 24 water supply companies are supported in improving their services. Currently, a new subdivision for wastewater treatment and waste management is being set up in the Ministry of Environment and Water. It will be responsible for the implementation of the national wastewater treatment strategy in the coming years. Also, an experimental competence centre with various wastewater treatment technologies is being set up for the training and further education of professionals from this department. There, it will be tested and taught which technologies are suitable for the climatic and geological characteristics of Bolivia’s three ecological stages. The development worker will assist the Subdivision- Wastewater Treatment in the Ministry of Environment and Water in La Paz, to establish the Experimental Competence Centre for Wastewater Technologies and to prepare and conduct in-house training for the technical staff of the Ministry of Environment and Water. In addition, the development worker will be involved in the evaluation of wastewater projects in Bolivia. The development worker will advise the Environment and Water Ministry about dialogue processes with key stakeholders in the sector. The aim is to improve the wastewater management capacities of the entire Ministry of Environment and Water, as well as to consolidate the cooperation between the various stakeholders such as: the Regulatory Authority, Authority for technical support of the Water Supply (SENASBA), the water and Waste Management company, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and development. Focus of the field of activity, is the technical and process consulting to strengthen the technical competence and to secure the dialogue processes in the field.