Internship for Water Security

UNU Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU‐INWEH)

Hamilton, ON, CA


Water Security

While Water Security is widely viewed as a central goal in the water resources management community, interpretations of the term vary considerably. Prominent efforts have been made to foster convergence toward a common interpretation and application of the term in the Asia‐Pacific (ADB, 2007; 2013; 2016) and by GWP (2013). In Africa, despite identification of achieving water security as a central goal in multiple prominent documents at a continental‐level (e.g., AMCOW) and regional‐level (e.g., SADC), there has been no effort to quantify the current state of water security for the continent. Assessing Water Security in Africa

The goal of this exercise is to develop and apply an index for assessing water security in Africa. It is hoped that this work will help to “concretise” water security on the continent, and aid in the prioritisation of water security challenges in different regions, basins and countries. The work will draw on, but not be limited by, existing efforts to assess water security. The work will seek to avoid silverbullet approaches to water security assessment and will aim to consciously incorporate conceptual fuzziness into index design by accommodating alternative options for key indicators. Periodic input will be sought from African experts e.g. at AMCOW, SADC and water ministries of specific countries. This is a collaborative initiative of UNU‐INWEH and International Water Management Institute (IWMI)