Senior Scientists

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Potsdam, Germany 🇩🇪

We are seeking talented and ambitious individuals who have expertise in the development and use of computational methods and their applications to the study of Earth surface processes at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, i.e. from the tectonic to the human scales. We are particularly interested in candidates with interest and/or experience in one of the following areas:
  •  the integration of large datasets into models, and in particular the use of innovative data assimilation techniques, i.e. artificial intelligence or deep learning techniques;
  • a statistical approach to the parameterization of climatic, hydrological or seismic forcing of Earth surface processes;
  • the study of the co-evolution of life and landform, including, for example, but not limited to the integration of phylogenomic constraints in models of landscape evolution.
Each senior scientist position will be supported by funding for a PhD student or a Post-doc as well as some basic operational funding. They will be expected to attract additional external funding.

Your responsibilities:

  • develop an innovative line of research based on the development and use of computational models, the integration of relevant data to validate and constrain the models and their use to address questions pertaining to the evolution of the Earth’s surface and its interactions with climate, the solid Earth and the biota
  • develop collaborative research projects and supervise Post-docs and/or PhD student(s) within the section and with members of other sections
  • attract additional external funding through competitive proposals for Helmholtz, German and EU funding schemes
  • promote your work and that of PhD students and Post-docs through publications in high impact journals, presentations at international conferences and seminars

Your qualifications:

  • a University degree and a PhD in Earth or Environmental Sciences, Physics or Applied Mathematics, preferably in the study of Earth surface processes and their interactions with the solid Earth, climate and/or the biota;
  • Post-Doctoral experience in the use and development of modeling tools for the study of geo-processes in one or several of the following fields: geomorphology, hydrology, hydrogeology, biogeology, geoinformatics, atmospheric sciences, tectonics or related fields;
  • experience and/or a strong willingness to undertake collaborative work with colleagues involved in the gathering and interpretation of field observations and laboratory data;
  • demonstrated ability to work well in a team and the potential to lead a group of young scientists and PhD students;
  • demonstrated ability to perform research at international level (through the publications in international peer-review journals and effective communication of research at international scientific meetings)
Starting date: positions will be filled successively in 2018, 2019 and 2020
Fixed term: 2 years with the possibility of prolongation and a perspective for tenure track subject to excellence and relevance of the candidate’s research
Working hours: full-time (currently 39 h/week)
The position is, in principle, suitable for part-time employment.
Salary: The pay scale grouping will be based on TVöD-Bund (Tarifgebiet Ost).
Location: Potsdam
You can expect a very diverse and challenging job in an international work environment that is characterized by exciting research projects. The compatibility of work and family life is of particular concern to the GFZ. Therefore, it offers the opportunity for flexible working time and workplaces. Moreover, there is a kindergarten located on the research campus.
The GFZ is a partner with Geo.X (, and as such it is well connected with other geoscience institutions in Potsdam und Berlin. Geo.X forms the largest regional cluster of geoscientific expertise in Europe and offers excellent opportunities for cooperation and development.
Please submit your application in English by 31th May 2018.
Equal opportunity is an inherent part of our personnel policy. Therefore we particularly welcome applications from qualified women. Severely disabled persons will be given preferential treatment in the case of equal qualification.
We will retain your application documents for at least three months, even if the application is not successful.
If you have any questions regarding this job offer, please feel free to call Ms Buge at +49 (0) 331-288-28878.