Evaluation of ECHO WASH project 2017 and the NRK Telethon project via ReliefWeb

NCA Darfur Program (NCA DP) is part of the international relief programme launched by international community in 2004. The program is supported by Action by Churches Together International (ACT) and Caritas Internationalis (Caritas). ACT International is the network of Protestant and Orthodox Aid and development agencies worldwide. Caritas Internationalis is the international confederation of Roman Catholic relief and development agencies. ACT and Caritas work together in a joint response to the Darfur crisis through Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) which implements the programme on behalf of the two networks. Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a member of ACT and provides the legal basis for the operation in Sudan. The term “NCA Darfur Program” (NCA DP) is used to describe all activities supported by the joint ACT/Caritas network under the auspices of NCA. Hence, the ECHO Action (WASH, Health and Nutrition) is components under the Darfur Program. NCA DP program is therefore a multi-sector operation managed by NCA working jointly with national implementing and contractual partners.

NCA DP has implemented activities in South and Central Darfur targeting IDPs and conflict affected host communities since July 2004. The program covers sectors such as; Water and Sanitation, Health and Nutrition, School Support, food security and livelihood, Emergency Preparedness/Response and Organizational Development and Capacity Building.

The ECHO WASH project 2017, and the NRK Telethon project will be evaluated under this consultancy.

ECHO WASH Project 2017: Title of the Action: Emergency and Early Recovery Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Health and Nutrition services for Internally Displaced People, Host Communities and South Sudanese Refugees in Central and South Darfur

Principle objective of the Action: Internally displaced persons, host communities and South Sudanese refugees in Central and South Darfur have improved access to and increased management of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, hygiene health and Nutrition services. Implementation period: 1st May 2017- 31st March 2018

The project primarily targeted IDPs camps, South Sudanese refuges and host communities in four camps of South and Central Darfur (Hamedia, Hassa Hissa, Khamsadagiega and Bilel) under six results:

IDPs, refugees and host communities have access to clean and adequate water supply

Sanitation facilities and services are established and rehabilitated in schools, health centers and vulnerable households

Beneficiaries in targeted areas are provided with appropriate and effective information on safe hygiene practices and are mobilized to adopt measures to prevent the deterioration in hygienic conditions and to use and maintain the facilities provided.

Community WASH management structures are established and equipped to function

South Sudanese refuges, IDPs and Host communities have better access to quality PHC services

South Sudanese refuges, IDPs and Host communities have better access to nutrition services

The project aims to reach a total of 166,928 people (78,457M, 88,471F) in the four IDP camps of Hassa Hissa, Hamedia, Khamsadagiega and Bilel. The project mainly focuses on WASH in the three Central Darfur Camps while in addition to WASH, the project implements health and nutrition activities in the Bilel IDP camp.

Total budget of Action: EUR 1,067,758

NRK Telethon WASH Programme (TCP)

Title of the Action: Sustaining and expanding Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion services to the vulnerable and underserved communities in rural areas of South and Central Darfur.

Principle objective of the Action: To expand access to safe/clean water and enhance sustainability of water supply infrastructure and services in the vulnerable communities of South and Central Darfur by 2017. Implementation period: January 2015 – December 2017

The NRK telethon funded program is a 3 year project that started in January 2015 and ends in December 2017. The project primarily target Bido, Dirri, Solly, Hassaballa, Karly Muhajeria and Dagarees localities in South Darfur.

The project has two outcomes:

Right holders have access to sound sustainable water supply services in the communities of South and Central Darfur states.

Water Management Committees, Water Committees, women groups and hand pump mechanics have the capacity for management of sustainable community water supply services The project aims to reach a total of 302,044 people with sustainable access to water supply. Part of the project is implemented through national partners NAHA and PPD .

The planned evaluation will follow the guiding evaluation questions as per the OECD-DAC evaluation criteria and other additional dimensions. See the full evaluation terms of reference (TOR) for a detailed description of the assignment.

NCA anticipates the evaluation consultancy will take place sometime between June and July 2018. The evaluation will take place during the stated period, but details of the exact duration will be discussed with the successful consultant(s) or consultancy firm. Expected deliverables are listed in the ToR.


Bachelors or Master Degree within Water, Hygiene and Sanitation area, familiarity with statistical methods.
Proven expertise on the subject matter and the cross cutting issues such as Rights Based Approach and Gender.
Proven experience of minimum of 7 years from NGO and CBO based development assistance
Extensive experience with evaluations, reporting and design processes, including skills such as indicator development, sampling, participatory evaluation methodology, appreciative enquiry methods, focus group interviews, etc.
Experience with multi-sectorial evaluations with special focus in: humanitarian assistance, WASH, Health and Nutrition.
Experience with exit strategies and phasing out programmes
Proven expertise on the cross cutting issues such as DO NO HARM, gender and peacebuilding
Experience in fragile contexts, risk assessment and conflict mitigation
Expert in cash transfer programming and markets developments
Expertise in national and local partnerships and consortiums
Proven team leader and report writing skills