Consultancy for supporting the AquaFund, a Water and Sanitation Technical Cooperation Multi-donor Fund

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

Washington, DC, US


Established in 1959, the Inter-American Development Bank (“IDB” or “Bank”) is the main source of financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides loans, grants, guarantees, policy advice and technical assistance to the public and private sectors of its borrowing countries.

The Inter-American Development Bank (“IDB” or “Bank”) is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The objective of the IDB’s Water and Sanitation Division (WSA) is to renew the Bank’s commitment to pool efforts with countries in the region and support development of the water and sanitation sector, with a view to achieving universal access to adequate services, consistent with the countries’ responsibilities and mandates. The Division seeks to position the Bank as the financing alternative of choice for national and subnational governments in delivering on their commitment to improve these services. 

The AquaFund is a thematic fund for water supply and sanitation (WAS), and has been the main non-reimbursable financing mechanism to support IDB’s investments in the sector. The AquaFund was established in 2008 with two financing sources: funds from the ordinary capital of the Bank and funds from donors, called Multi-donor AquaFund. Since its establishment, the Fund has been capitalized with the Bank’s own resources (US$63.52 million) and with resources from donors partners, namely the Government of Austria (US$1 million), the Swiss Cooperation (The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) (US$18.27 million), PepsiCo Foundation (US$7 million) and the Government of Spain through its Development Agency AECID (US$6.84 million).

The establishment of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRWS), and the declaration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations in the fall of 2015 have increased the commitment of multilateral institutions and the international community to work towards universal access to safe water and sanitation services. The IDB is stepping up to this challenge and is intensifying its efforts through the AquaFund. New crosscutting issues are emerging, such as quality, equality and safety of the Water and Sanitation services. In addition, regional challenges such as the treatment of waste water and water security are increasingly of more relevance in AquaFund portfolio.

The AquaFund finances two types of IDB instruments: Investment Grants (IGRs) and Non-reimbursable Technical Cooperation Operations (TCs). Based on the use of these two funding mechanisms, the activities of the AquaFund can be grouped into the following four product categories: (i) Operational Support (OS) TCs, facilitating and supporting sector investment through initiatives to help preparation and execution of investment loans and investment grants; (ii) Client Support (CS) TCs, that respond to specific demands of the governments of the region, focusing on building the capacities of utilities, governments and communities; (iii) Research and Dissemination (RD) TCs, contributing to the sector’s knowledge and exchange of best practices among member countries and country stakeholders, and providing  state of the art technical knowledge and experiences in the water and sanitation arena; and (iv) Pilot Projects funded both from TCs and IGRs, for piloting innovative strategies and methodologies that can be replicated or scaled up through larger investment programs.

The AquaFund has supported more than 100 technical cooperations (TCs) since its creation and every year it adds more than 20 operations for supporting the Bank’s water and sanitation activities. The AquaFund aims at: (i) supporting 40% of IDB’s US$1 billion yearly investments in water and sanitation; (ii) ensuring at least 15% of AquaFund supported projects demonstrate climate change adaptation and water security measures; and (iii) ensure that at least 15% of its supported projects incorporate a gender perspective.

There is a need to properly manage the TCs, analyzing outputs and outcomes, reporting to donors through technical reports and platforms (Salesforce) and increasing the Fund’s visibility so that it can continue to play a vital role in the region’s water and sanitation efforts.

It is therefore deemed it necessary to hire a contractual that can perform a variety of functions and will provide technical, managerial and communications support to the AquaFund Coordinator, to continue positioning the AquaFund as a vital flexible funding source to support the region’s efforts in achieving universal access to high-quality water and sanitation services. The contractual will lead strategic analysis of the Fund’s results to improve the AquaFund’s visibility, including supporting the elaboration of a mid-term evaluation of the Fund, which will in turn help to attract and retain new and existing partners.

Consultancy objective(s)

The contractual will provide managerial, technical and communications support to the activities of the AquaFund, as well as Technical and Engineering Assistance in the WSA Division Projects, based on the Bank’s DC Headquarters.

Main activities

The candidate’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Management of the Water and Sanitation Division Portfolio of Technical Cooperations
    • Coordinate the internal review process for approval of Technical Cooperations within the Water and Sanitation Division and the Bank, revising administratively the documents created for approval of TCs and liaising with the Infrastructure Front Office and other internal units of the Bank, the Water and Sanitation Project Assistants and Team Leaders, for completing the approval of the annual AquaFund TC portfolio;
    • Provide administrative support for any issue that may arise of the active AquaFund portfolio, consisting of approximately 70 TCs. This may include support in approving extensions, fund increases, and any other aspect related to the execution of the TCs;
    • Monitoring the technical cooperation’s alerts (when TCs are not disbursing, or they become expired, for example) and coordinate with Team Leaders for taking appropriate actions;
    • Keep update databases with the information of the Technical Cooperations and AquaFund’s portfolio, tracking the approval stage of each project proposed and prioritized for the year, as well as recording the closure of projects that have finished their activities;
    • Prepare when required reports of the annual AquaFund programming and the active portfolio, including analysis of themes, geographic focus, executing agencies and other aspects of the AquaFund portfolio;
    • Perform a thorough examination of all the projects approved by the AquaFund (more than 100 technical cooperation and investment grants) including an aggregate analysis of outputs and outcomes.
    • Collaborate with the Climate Change unit to measure climate change financing in AquaFund´s portfolio.
    • Coordinate with the gender specialist to promote the inclusion and measurement of gender considerations in AquaFund´s projects.
  • Support to the AquaFund’s Management and Coordination
    • Contribute to AquaFund’s planning and monitoring of activities, including the identification of how the AquaFund’s programming is aligned with the Fund and Donors’s priorities;
    • Contribute to the definition of the AquaFund’s result matrix, proposing outcomes and outputs indicators at the fund level aligned with the new standard output indicators set for technical cooperations at the IDB, and analyzing proposals of change for project outcomes and outputs to be aligned with the AquaFund’s result matrix;
    • Contribute to the mid-term evaluation of the AquaFund;
    • Provide comparative analysis of the Fund, such as analysis of its results and how these compare to the targets set in the AquaFund’s Results Framework;
    • Analyze trends in the Fund’s distribution of approved funding, including distributions by theme, by geographic area, by country type and by type of product;
    • Liaise with donors for AquaFund’s activities, provide information on specific projects when requested by donors, and ensure donors’ priorities are taken into account into the AquaFund’s programming;
    • Support to the organization of annual meetings and other management activities of the Fund as required.
  • AquaFund Reporting
    • Top the process of AquaFunds TC reporting, supporting the team leaders for reporting through the IDB’s internal platforms and ensuring the information is aligned with the AquaFund’s donor reporting;
    • Streamline and standardize reporting processes including work programs, annual reports and online reporting platform (Salesforce and Convergence);
    • Develop the annual AquaFund’s progress report and work plan reports, in coordination with other internal units of the Bank;
    • Document best practices and lessons learned of the AquaFund’s partnerships and collaboration efforts;
    • Ensure the reporting platform Salesforce for AquaFund is up to date.
  • Visibility and Communications
    • Contribute to the development and implementation of a Communications Strategy for the Fund, in coordination with donors;
    • Develop simple and clear communication materials for current and potential partners such as: presentations, brochures, case studies, budget and other financial projections, and others, as required;
    • Support in the organization of AquaFund’s project launching events and similar.
    • Contribute to the visibility of the AquaFund through blog-posts to the IDB Water and Sanitation blog, in coordination with the external relations unit of the IDB.
  • Technical and Engineering Assistance in the WSA Division Projects
    • Participate in the design, preparation and implementation of technical/knowledge products regarding the Initiatives and Projects of the Water and Sanitation Division.
  • Academic Degree/ Level & Years of Professional Work Experience: Bachelor’s degree in sanitation/environmental Engineering or closely related field. Two or more years of relevant professional experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Languages: The contractual should be fluent in Spanish and English, with excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Areas of Expertise: international affairs, management, public policy, sustainable development, social sciences, engineering, or related fields. Experience with the IDB Group system and knowledge of the organization will be a plus. Knowledge of the Water and Sanitation Sector, donors’ management and fund coordination is desirable.  Preferably with experience in working with national government and international development agencies.
  • Skills: Excellent organizational skills for managing a large portfolio of projects; comfortable using excel for data analysis; multitasking; openness and teamwork.

Characteristics of the Consultancy

  • Contractual category and modality: Defined Term Contractual, Monthly.
  • Contract duration: 29 months.
  • Place(s) of work: IDB Headquarters, Washington DC.
  • Responsible person: Water and Sanitation Lead Specialist, INE/WSA and Aqua Funds Coordinator, INE/WSA.

Payment and Conditions: Compensation will be determined in accordance with Bank’s policies and procedures. The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may contribute toward travel and moving expenses. In addition, candidates must be citizens of an IDB member country.

Visa and Work Permit: The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may submit a visa request to the applicable immigration authorities; however, the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Notwithstanding, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the necessary visa or work permits required by the authorities of the country(ies) in which the services will be rendered to the Bank. If a candidate cannot obtain a visa or work permit to render services to the Bank the contractual offer will be rescinded.

Consanguinity: Pursuant to applicable Bank policy, candidates with relatives (including the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, including spouse) working for the Bank as staff members or Complementary Workforce contractuals, will not be eligible to provide services for the Bank.

Diversity: The Bank is committed to diversity and inclusion and to providing equal opportunities to all candidates. We embrace diversity on the basis of gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and HIV/AIDs status. We encourage women, Afro-descendants and persons of indigenous origins to apply.

Primary Location

: HQ-US-Washington DC

Job Posting

: Apr 9, 2018, 4:00:00 AM

Closing Date

: Apr 17, 2018, 3:59:00 AM
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