Local hire: Water Resources Management Specialist

The World Bank

Bamako, Mali 🇲🇱


Established in 1944, the WBG is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for development solutions. In fiscal year 2017, the World Bank Group committed more than $61 billion in loans, grants, equity investments, and guarantees to its members and private businesses. Overall, the Board approved $42.1 billion in financial assistance in fiscal 2017 through 383 operations, comprising $22.6 billion in IBRD lending and $19.5 billion in IDA support. 


Within the Africa Region, the hiring unit is responsible for ensuring the translation of the World Bank’s Africa Regional Strategy and the Water Global Practice’s Water Security Strategy into practical results relevant to the Francophone countries of West and Central Africa.  Specifically, the unit supports the definition and achievement of these results through analytical, policy and investment activities.  Given the generally semi-arid conditions in most of the countries, combined with rapid population growth, increased economic demands and the impacts of climate change, improved knowledge and ability to manage water resources has emerged as a priority issue for virtually all client countries.  At the same time, the majority of the major sources of freshwater – rivers and aquifers – are shared amongst multiple countries and are under growing pressure – particularly for energy, agriculture and navigation development.   While there is increased awareness of the importance of improved national and transboundary water management, relevant institutions require significant strengthening in terms of technical capacity, authority, incentives and financial sustainability.  

The hiring unit has an active portfolio of national and transboundary basin-level projects under preparation and implementation.  In all cases, these require intensive engagement with government counterparts and other stakeholders to ensure local ownership, capacity and sustained focus on implementation for results.  As a result, the World Bank is locally recruiting one water resources management specialist based in Bamako, Mali.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

The Water Resources Management Specialists will work as part of the country and task teams with specific focus on:

  • Working closely with client institutions to support effective implementation of WB supported programs.
  • Maintaining effective relationships with relevant governmental, non-governmental, donor and other stakeholders.
  • Staying informed on the status of the water sector and its institutions, as well as relevant donor, private sector and NGO initiatives.
  • Participating in and eventually leading task teams for production of analytical studies and preparation and implementation support to investment and policy oriented projects
  • Identifying and sharing with client, relevant expertise and examples within and outside the World Bank.
  • Identifying and supporting water sector linkages to the Bank’s country strategy and the work of other sectoral teams.
  • At least a Master’s degree in water resources, hydrology, engineering, economics, agricultural economics, irrigation or a related discipline with a focus on Water Resources Management;
  • Recognized technical, operational and/or policy-oriented expertise, and at least 5 years of relevant work experience. This experience may include work in governments, academia, private companies, consultant firms, and multilateral institutions; 
  • In depth knowledge in one or more WRM subtopics such as: water quality dynamics, hydrometeorological monitoring, irrigation, exposure and vulnerability to floods and droughts, hydrological modeling, sediment transport, reservoir operations, sustainability assessments, eco-hydrology, and/or assessment and management of risk resulting from climate variability and change and other non-climate uncertainties;
  • A sustained record of achieving high-quality development outcomes and substantive results over an extended period in positions of increasing responsibility; 
  • Prior work experience and results on the ground in more than one country and hands-on experience with Government counterpart agencies. 
  • Ability to identify long-range goals and objectives, develop strategic approaches, and conceptualize technical projects. 
  • Ability to think innovatively and strategically in dealing with technical and/or policy issues while maintaining a strong client focus; 
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in conducting high-level dialogue with stakeholders, including senior government officials, civil society, private sector, donor community, and professional and research organizations; 
  • Capacity to lead, work in multidisciplinary teams, share information and responsibilities, inspire to technical excellence, and resolve conflicts; 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in French and English, including demonstrated ability of publishing technical and/or policy work and making effective presentations to diverse audiences;