International Environment and Safeguards Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) has received a USD 303 million grant from 
the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the Water Resources   Development Investment Program 
(WRDIP), which consists of three Tranches.  Tranche-2 of the facility will fund the rehabilitation and 
up-grade of the 74,300 ha Lower Kokcha Irrigation Scheme. The estimated value of the single ICB contract 
for the civil works is USD 70 million and the construction period is 36 months.
Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) as implementing agency established a Project Management Office (PMO) 
headed by a Program Director to oversee the management of the project.  MEW requires a Contract 
Administration and Engineering Support Unit (CAESU) who will be delegated with the task of supervision.  
The CAESU will be stationed in Kunduz.
Scope of Work
The Ministry of Energy and Water is seeking to engage an Environmental/ Safeguards Specialist 
(international) to be part of the Contract Administration and Engineering Support Unit delegated with 
the task of supervising the rehabilitation and upgrade of the 74,300 ha. Lower Kokcha Irrigation Scheme 
comprised of the following civil works:
i) Civil works ICB contract for the Rehabilitation of Lower Kokcha Irrigation System Main Canal and 
Intakes (USD 71 million)
ii) NGO contract under Tranche 2 for the establishment and strengthening of IAs and WUAs in the Takhar 
and Kunduz provinces (USD 6.96 million)
The maximum duration of the supervision contract for any individual consultant is 36 months and is 
scheduled to commence after awarding the contract for the selected bidder but before issuing the Notice 
to Proceed, for those consultants who would be needed at the very beginning.  The consultant assumes the 
function of Resident Engineer in the absence of the Team Leader and shall assume the role of “The 
Engineer”, with responsibility for ensuring the timely completion of the civil works contract, within 
budget and to a high standard of construction.  The engineer shall represent the ministry (client) in 
dealings with the contractor. 
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
As the Head of Safeguard, he/she will have responsibility of assuring that Social and Environmental 
Safeguards are not overlooked during the implementation of the project; specific tasks include:
Implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMoP) in 
coordination with the other Implementation Consultants and the relevant Contractors’ Staff as well in 
consultation with local communities likely to be impacted by the project activities.
Work with PMO/MEW to update and establish a cost effective environmental management and monitoring 
system for the construction works consistent with EIA recommendations so as to ensure minimal 
environmental effects both during and following the construction period.
Attending to mitigate any environmental or social impacts arisen during the implementation, which were 
not anticipated in the EMP.
Resolving with corrective action any issues related to safeguard requirements or complaints made by 
communities by instructions to the Contractors in consultation with the Resident Engineer and Director 
of CAESU without delay.
Forwarding of issues which could not be resolved at the field level to the PMO for required action or 
for forwarding to relevant authorities to deal with the issue timely as specified in the Grievances 
Redress Mechanism;
Assist the Resident Engineer  and Program Director in preparing standard reports and summaries on 
status of EMP compliance, violations of requirements, remedial measures taken and their effectiveness, 
grievances of any affected party, etc. and
Coordination between farmers and the Contractors’/ Consultants to minimize impacts of interruptions to 
water issues in canals during the crop season; and to make pre-season agreements with farmers about 
construction schedules in different canals or headwork.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
a) The SES must at least have a Master Degree in Sociology, Natural Resources or Natural Sciences.
b) More than eight years of experience in preparation of Initial Environment Examination (IEE), 
Environmental Management Plan (EMP), data gathering  and  analysis  of  environmental  problems  as  
well  as  mitigation  of  such  problems for big irrigation schemes. 
c) Familiarity with ADB Environment and Safeguard guidelines and standard procedures.  
d) Excellent communication skills.
e) Fluency in English writing, reading and spoken.
f) Be a citizen of an ADB member country.
Minimum General Experience   12 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)   8 Years