IISD-ELA Graduate Research Fellow

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Canada 🇨🇦

The IISD-ELA is a world renowned facility in northwestern Ontario where research is conducted on water quality and aquatic biota using whole-ecosystem experimentation and monitoring (http://www.iisd.org/ela). A fund has been established to help support graduate students conducting research at the IISD-ELA. Students may apply for stipend support and/or per diem support for their work conducted at the IISD-ELA.

Applicants for the IISD-ELA Fellowship must provide the following information:

a)   names and addresses of the applicant and the applicant’s academic supervisor;
b)   degree sought;
c)   the objectives, design, and brief summary of methods to be used in the
       research (1 page);
d)   a summary of the relevance of the proposed research for society and why the
       proposed research should be undertaken at IISD-ELA;
e)   estimate of total per diem living expenses requested while at IISD-ELA and
       justification (in 2018, per diem costs are anticipated to be $145 CAD per day);
f)   length of time stipend is required for;
g)   a list of external financial support currently held or applied for by the applicant;
h)   a recent transcript;
i)   a Curriculum Vita; and
j)   two letters of reference in support of the application, including the student’s

Students may hold an ELA fellowship in conjunction with other fellowships, but the total support per month provided by all sources must not exceed that offered by NSERC Postgraduate Fellowships at the equivalent academic level ($21,000 CAD/year for PhD and $17,500 CAD/year for MSc). Maximum total support from the ELA Fellowship Fund will be set at 80% of the level offered by an NSERC Postgraduate Fellowship ($16,800 CAD for a PhD student or $14,000 CAD for a MSc student for one year). The selection committee can offer to provide funds to meet some or all of an applicant’s request.

Students must attend the University of Manitoba during the tenure of the fellowship and applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5.  Applications will be judged on academic excellence, the quality of proposed research, and the relevance of the proposed research to the IISD-ELA program.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Awards will be made annually. Repeat applicants are encouraged and need only provide a brief, written summary of research previously supported by the ELA Graduate Fellowship Fund, an updated transcript, and a letter of support by their academic supervisor.

To submit applications or to obtain more information about the ELA Graduate fellowship, please contact: Chandra Rodgers ([email protected]). Please do not apply through this website – you will not be able to attach the appropriate documents and your application will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted by April 9, 2018.