Water Resources and Project Management Specialist (International)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Indonesia 🇮🇩

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing financing and technical assistances to the Government of 
Indonesia to support the implementation of its water security program under the 2015–2019 National 
Medium-Term Development Plan.  Ongoing investments are articulated around the improvement of water 
infrastructure delivery to support the broader water security and food security agenda. This includes 
L3455: Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery through Better Engineering Services Project,  L3440: Flood 
Management in Selected River Basins Sector Project,  and Loan 3529/8327(AIF)-INO: Integrated 
Participatory Development and Management of Irrigation Program.  Technical assistances are providing 
support for implementation of those investments and to introduce innovations in the sector. Several 
investments are under preparation as reflected in the ADB’s country operations business plan, 2018–2020 
for Indonesia.  Additional resources are needed to ensure a timely and quality delivery of this growing 
portfolio and program.

The consultant will support ADB, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and BAPPENAS to (i) ensure 
timely and quality outputs for ongoing operations; (ii) support liaison with executing and implementing 
agencies and management of technical assistances; and (iii) provide technical inputs for the formulation 
of strategies and pipelined water projects aligned with priorities from the Water Operational Plan 2011–
2020  and to the Climate Change Operational Framework 2017–2030.  The consultant will directly report to 
ADB’s project officer over a period of 12 months.

A. Project Management

(i) Prepare and implement all administrative systems and procedures needed to review the quality of 
outputs of the ongoing projects to ensure that the quality is acceptable as per international standards, 
and the work is progressing as per plan.
(ii) Identify best practices (climate adaptation, seismic risk proofing, water efficiency) relevant to 
the project and formulate activities to be part of the investments.
(iii) Ensure that modeling works under L3455 and L3440 are taking into account climate change adaptation 
impacts, and recommend adjustments of allocations for other users and dams operations for more 
sustainable use of water resources, including identifying interdependencies and linkages water users 
across sectors particularly energy and domestic supplies.
(iv) Undertake overall coordination and liaison on technical matters with the Directorate General of 
Water Resources (DGWR) and BAPPENAS, including attending stakeholder meetings, coordination of inputs, 
management and advise to the ADB, DGWR and BAPPENAS, as necessary.
(v) Review the overall management of the planning, design and engineering of projects under the ongoing 
projects, to ensure that the engineering consultants are on track and providing expert advice as 
(vi) Review and ensure outputs are complete, well prepared using consistent formats, and contents are 
prepared to the highest standard.
(vii) Review and ensure new project readiness and bankability with the relevant stakeholders and 
providing experts advise to address gaps, if any.
(viii) Monitor the accuracy and timeliness of data, processing and transfer of information and reports 
to the ADB. 
(ix) Ensure that the government’s policies and standards are implemented in all contract packages and 
field supervision teams.
(x) Identify important technical and managerial issues which affect progress, safety, quality and 
compliance with safeguards.
(xi) Guide, coordinate and support the ongoing projects activities and provide overall guidance, 
direction and monitoring of the consultant performance to ensure that the progress is as per the planned 
(xii) Advise the ADB and DGWR on interventions needed to accelerate the implementation of ongoing 
(xiii) Undertake capacity building workshops, training and knowledge sharing sessions on best practices 
in water infrastructure design, value engineering, project readiness, bankability and other areas, in 
discussions with DGWR and BAPPENAS. 

B. Strategic Works

(i) Support the development of strategies for water resources management and its impact on agricultural 
development, in consultation with relevant government agencies. 
(ii) Contribute to the updating of the sector assessment for water resources and food security.
(iii) Support the preparation of the background study for the government’s 2020–2024 mid-term 
development plan
(iv) Review government planning and design guidelines for river infrastructure and recommend 
improvements for complying with international best practices on climate resilience, bioengineering and 
seismic risk proofing.

C. Investment Preparation

(i) Provide technical support to relevant agencies for the preparation of pipelined investments, 
including coordination with ADB’s partners (IHE-Delft, European Space Agency and others) that are 
supporting design of investments
(ii) Conduct consultations with river basins stakeholders to review and confirm proposed investments in 
selected river basins.
(iii) Review terms of reference, feasibility studies and engineering design for infrastructure 
subprojects prepared under the Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery through Better Engineering Services 
Project and under the Flood Management in Selected River Basins Sector Project. 
(iv) Identify best practices (climate adaptation, seismic risk proofing, water efficiency) relevant to 
the project and formulate activities to be part of the investment.
(v) Support the preparation of the Report and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors 
(RRP) for proposed investments.
(vi) Update as required the readiness documentation in close coordination with the Directorate of 
Planning and Programming, DGWR, and the Directorate of Multilateral Funding, BAPPENAS.
(vii) Facilitate focus group discussions to review project preparation progress. 

Output/Reporting Requirements

The consultant will prepare the following formal reports:

(i) Monthly briefs for ongoing projects, covering progress, issues and actions; 
(ii) Specific sections of the project concept paper and Report and Recommendation of the President to 
the Board of Directors (RRP) for new projects;
(iii) Monthly administrative reports following ADB template (monthly); and
(iv) Working group materials and discussion and technical notes as required.