BAF Fellows

The William Averette Anderson Fund

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The William Averette Anderson Fund was created to expand advanced studies in the field of Disaster and Hazard Research and Mitigation within minority communities with the initial focus on increasing the number of African American scientists, practitioners, and policymakers.

BAF Fellows

BAF Fellows – Students in the fields of hazard and disaster research who would provide input about how best to assist them in achieving their goals of completing their degrees, searching for funding, developing mentoring relationships and providing links to career opportunities.


Eligibility for participation in the William Averette Anderson Fund Fellowship is based the following criteria:

1) Graduate Students committed to the mission of the William Anderson Fund.

2) African American and other historically underrepresented groups in the field of Hazards and Disaster Research and Mitigation, or from a community disproportionately affected by hazards or disasters.

3) The BAF is focused on students newly enrolled in PhD programs or those who are in and/or finishing the first year in their PhD programs.