Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration Program Manager

Tacoma, WA, United States 🇺🇸

The Puget Sound Partnership leads the region’s collective effort to restore, protect, and sustain Puget Sound. We align the work of our partners around a shared vision and science-driven, prioritized strategies. We ensure smart investments that help to allocate resources efficiently and effectively. By striving to remove financial, regulatory, and resource barriers for our partners, we serve as a catalyst for success in restoring health to Puget Sound.
We are a small, passionate, mission-driven, team-oriented, and fast-paced organization with an exceptional interdisciplinary staff.  Our main office is in a LEED Platinum-certified building on the waterfront in Tacoma, WA within a 10 minute walk of downtown (restaurants, shopping, museums, farmer’s market, etc.). Flexible work schedules are typical, including alternate work schedules and working from home or our remote office in Olympia, WA one or two days per week. 
Leadership Philosophy:
Leadership is expected of everyone in the organization, and is defined as follows: 
We are committed to achieving our mission of accelerating and advancing the recovery of Puget Sound.  To ensure our success, we are equally committed to running our agency in a high-performance manner that focuses on high quality products and processes and a collaborative approach.   We achieve high performance by:
  • Valuing one another, our diversity, and our contribution to the agency and the mission;
  • Embracing shared leadership, and empowering all staff, as critical thinkers, to make timely evidence-based decisions in a collaborative manner;
  • Promoting learning – and implementing what we learn – by using the adaptive management cycle for both programs and internal operations; and
  • Optimizing our human and financial resources. 

As the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) Program Manager, you will advance regional and local ecosystem recovery planning and implementation in Puget Sound. The position ensures smart investments and removes financial barriers to Puget Sound recovery efforts. You will serve as the point person for the PSAR fund, which has received over $200M in allocation from the Washington State legislature since 2007. The PSAR program advances habitat restoration and protection, which supports accomplishment of the recovery goals set by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Washington state legislature.

The PSAR Program Manager will oversee day-to-day management of the PSAR program as well as establish and implement a long-term strategic vision to further build the program, integrate the salmon recovery and Puget Sound ecosystem recovery systems, and support the recovery of Puget Sound. This requires close collaboration with programs within the agency and with local and regional partners, clear communication on the program’s value with partners and legislators, and evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the investments. 

Additionally, the position’s primary responsibilities include:

Program Management

  • With the Salmon Recovery Manager and Director of Policy and Planning, lead development and implementation of a long-term strategic plan for a sustainable program, working internally and with key partners.
  • Work with the Salmon Recovery Manager to identify opportunities and execute programs to increase the visibility and impact of the PSAR Program.
  • Develop, revise, and communicate PSAR program policies, including coordination of internal and external reviews.
  • With the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO, the co-manager of the program), track available funding and make decisions on allocating return funds.
  • In coordination with the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council (PSSRC), lead development of the PSAR Large Capital program, including revisions to the Request for Proposals and creating a process for evaluation and ranking of projects.
  • Work with the Integrated Planning Team to identify and execute on opportunities to integrate the PSAR program within the Puget Sound recovery framework.
  • Work with the Science and Evaluation Team to evaluate the program on a biannual timeline to identify improvements and efficiencies.
  • Lead development, negotiation, and implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding with RCO.
  • Adaptively manage an authority matrix that defines the roles of the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, RCO, Partnership, Leadership Council and the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council (PSSRC) for all aspects of the PSAR program.
  • Report on program progress through biannual reporting to RCO and quarterly reporting to Partnership management and the PSSRC.
  • Provide support to the Salmon Recovery Manager on coordinating and analyzing regional and watershed reporting as it relates to the PSAR program (e.g., Four Year Workplans, annual regional report, Quarterly Progress reports).
  • Provide input into the overall direction of salmon recovery planning, including adaptive management of the regional recovery plan, integration of salmon recovery with Puget Sound ecosystem recovery, and coordination and engagement of appropriate advisory groups.

Education and Communication

  • Act as point of contact for internal and external inquiries about the program.
  • Maintain monthly communication with RCO.
  • Work with the Partnership’s Communications Lead and Legislative Policy Director to refine and execute a communication and outreach strategy, including reporting on program effectiveness.
  • Work with the Partnership’s Communications Lead and Legislative Director to develop communication materials during the legislative session.
  • Develop memorandums on policies and present recommendations to appropriate Partnership boards and advisory bodies as needed, including the PSSRC and Leadership Council.
  • Act as the point of contact for lead entities and project sponsors, including communication of policies, incorporating feedback and responding to inquiries.
  • Support development of and participate in PSAR project ground-breaking events.
  • Advance communication and awareness opportunities through web presence, signage, media, and other appropriate forums.

 Partner Coordination and Engagement

  • Work with lead entities and project sponsor to identify and secure other funding sources to fully fund projects on the Large Capital List.
  • With the Salmon Recovery Manager, coordinate with other capital funding programs in Puget Sound such as the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, Puget Sound Nearshore and Estuary Program, NOAA’s Restoration Center and Floodplains by Design.
  • Coordinate project sponsor briefings to policy bodies on the status of large capital project implementation.
  • Work with Puget Sound lead entities to assist with improvements in the local process for identifying local projects for PSAR funding.
  • Support the Salmon Recovery Manager with the Salmon Recovery Funding Board process and annual regional report submission.

Required Education, Experience, and Knowledge.
Master’s degree in natural resource management or related field AND five (5) years of professional experience
A Bachelor’s degree AND eight (8) years of professional experience
The preferred candidate must also have:

  • Knowledge of federal, state, and regional funding programs and annual/biennial funding cycles
  • Knowledge of ecology and population biology of salmonids
  • Experience managing a grant program and program budgets
  • Knowledge of Endangered Species Act recovery planning
  • Experience in managing contracts, monitoring and tracking progress
  • Experience working with local jurisdictions and tribes
  • Experience with adaptive management and natural resource planning
  • Familiarity with state legislative process
  • Careful attention and accuracy when working with complex financial information
  • Detail-oriented in policy development and execution
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to set a long-term vision for the program and support execution of the vision

Adaptive Management

  • Applies adaptive management standards and best practices to products and processes associated with the program.
  • Supports partners with application of adaptive management standards and best practices to partner efforts.
  • Engages with Science and Evaluation Team to ensure planning products and processes are making best use of and informing research, monitoring and effectiveness assessments
  • Provides input to Adaptive System Team on needs for improved standards and support.

Required Competencies.

  • Ensures Accountability: Follows through on commitments and takes personal responsibility for decisions, actions and failures. Works with supervisor to establish clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results.
  • Collaborates: Works cooperatively with others across the agency and with external partners to achieve shared objectives. Able to represent own interest while also understanding and being fair to others. Partners with team members across the agency and with external partners to get work done.
  • Communicates Effectively: Is an effective communicator in a variety of settings and can adjust messaging to fit the audience. Attentively listens to others and encourages open expression of diverse ideas and opinions.
  • Manages Complexity: Acquires data from multiple and diverse sources when solving problems. Uncovers root problems and evaluates risks and benefits of different solution options. Distinguishes between what is relevant and what is unimportant to make sense of complex situations. Looks beyond the obvious.
  • Plans and Aligns: Plans and prioritizes work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals.
  • Strategic Mindset: Anticipates future needs and acts accordingly. Formulates a clear strategy and maps the steps that will clearly accelerate the organization towards its strategic goals.
  • Customer Focus: Gains insight into partners’ needs and helps build

Preferred/Desired Competencies.

  • Manages Ambiguity: Deals comfortably with the uncertainty of change. Effectively handles risk. Can decide and act without the total picture. Is calm and productive, even when issues are unclear or undecided. Deals constructively with problems that do not have clear solutions or outcomes.
  • Manages Conflict: Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities. Asks questions and listens closely to all issues presented by stakeholders. Facilitates breakthroughs by integrating diverse views and finding common ground or acceptable alternatives.
  • Resourcefulness: Gets the most out of limited resources. Adapts quickly to changing resource requirements. Applies knowledge of internal structures, processes, and culture to resourcing efforts.
Supplemental Information
As you can see, this isn’t your typical posting where we require you to fill out a long application.  We value your time and would love to hear more about why you are interested in this position. All you need in order to be considered for this opportunity is to attach:
  • Cover Letter:  We want to know more about you!  Why are you interested in this position and what would make you a good candidate?
  • resume detailing your past experience and education as it relates to the position.
  • A few moments of your time to answer only a few supplemental questions attached to this application.
Should you have any questions regarding this position or the online application, contact Angie Anderson at (360) 407-8446 or [email protected]