Consultant (Ecological and Socio-economic Baseline Survey) via ReliefWeb

Conservation International (CI)

Monrovia, Liberia 🇱🇷

1. Background

On November 29th, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Secretariat approved a Project Identification Form (PIF) for USD 4,408,200 project on the Conservation of Liberia’s coastal natural capital. Please request for the full PIF using the email below:

The project entitled “Conservation and sustainable use of Liberia’s coastal natural capital.” will be executed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia and Conservation International (CI) Liberia. A Project Preparation Grant (PPG) has been awarded to enable preparation of the full Project Document (ProDoc), based upon the approved PIF.

The main objective of this project is to “Improve conservation and sustainable use of Liberia’s coastal natural capital by mainstreaming the value of nature into Liberia’s development trajectory.” The project has three components including:

i. Component 1: Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) in coastal ecosystems: This component aims to build the foundation for Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) in Liberia to ensure that the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services, particularly for coastal areas, is incorporated into national decision-making;

ii. Component 2: Innovative financing schemes for conserving coastal natural capital. This component aims at increasing and diversifying resource flows for the sustainable management and restoration of mangrove and coastal ecosystems; and

iii. Component 3: Community incentives to conserve and sustainably manage natural capital in coastal ecosystems. This seeks to establish a locally appropriate delivery mechanism that can channel payment for ecosystem services (PES) to communities providing the services.

2. Purpose of the consultancy
The purpose of this consultancy is to establish ecological and socio-economic baseline for the project.

For ecological component, the consultant will carry out biological and biodiversity assessments along the coastline; and map out threats and a range of ecological goods and services for Liberia’s coastal communities.

For socio-economic component, the consultant will conduct a gender responsive socio-economic/livelihood assessment of coastal communities; identify livelihood needs and opportunities that support conservation, and contribute, as possible, to overall sustainability and management of the coastal ecosystems.

3. Scope of work
The ecological and socio-economic baseline will target and cover the coastal communities of South East Liberia. The Consultant will be responsible for data collection, collation, review and analysis, and production of final ecological and socio-economic baseline report.