Consultant for Supporting the Development of Myanmar’s GEF 7 programme

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Home-based / Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Work location: Home based with travel to Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Duration: 1-April-2018 – 31 August 2018

1. Background of consultancy assignment/project

WWF has been requested by the Environmental Conservation Department (as the GEF Operational Focal Point office) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) to support the process of developing Myanmar’s GEF 7 programme. The main motivation of Myanmar authorities is to build a more integrated approach and avoid fragmented projects. This will involve multi-stakeholder consultations, funding gap analyses, and identification of strategic opportunities, to ensure all GEF 7 opportunities are identified and prioritized through a transparent and inclusive process.

Objectives of the consultancy

Lead consultations with relevant key government departments, bilateral and multi-lateral organisations, INGOs/NGOs/CSOs, and other relevant agencies and institutions, including developing and presenting all necessary technical material on GEF. The consultant will:

1) Conduct consultations with government, GEF agencies and other stakeholders and prepare desktop review to prepare a GEF 7 Preparation Analysis on:

a) Myanmar’s national policies, strategies and priorities in key environmental thematic areas (oceans, freshwater, biodiversity, forests, land degradation and restoration, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, chemicals and waste) with a comparison to GEF-7 programming directions;

b) Contribute to funding gap analysis;

c) Mapping of national priorities/strategies to GCF and other multi-lateral and bilateral funding opportunities, and;

d) Analysis of past GEF projects in Myanmar, noting key lessons.

2) Conduct a series of consultations and workshops to: (a) present and gather feedback on the abovementioned report, including discussion on alignment between government priorities and GEF-7 priorities, (b) identify opportunities to maximize the Myanmar GEF-7 and GCF portfolio, and (c) discuss portfolio formulation, culminating in a Report on Recommendations for a GEF-7 Programme in Myanmar

3) Facilitate meetings and workshops to build capacity among relevant Ministries and Departments, WWF Myanmar, and other interested stakeholders, on GEF and GCF fundamental concepts, opportunities and operations

2. Scope of work/ Major responsibility

The purpose of this work is to support development of Myanmar’s overall GEF 7 programme, to identify priority funding areas, and to provide capacity building on the GEF to improve the government’s opportunities to maximize programming for conservation. In particular, connectivity across the national strategies and potential leveraging for co-financing will be prioritized.

3. Required profile:

*Knowledge/Expertise:* Knowledge and expertise about GEF and sustainable finance models. Knowledge about environmental policy, sustainable development and natural resource management, preferably in Myanmar. Knowledge about how to carry out policy analyses and presenting results in a convincing manner to stakeholders. Demonstrated experience in the development of work on GEF in any country, preferably in Southeast Asia.

*Experience:* Experience in the design and implementation of consultation processes in other countries, preferably in Southeast Asia. Experience in working with a diverse range of stakeholders at local and national levels on environmental management, finance and policy. Extensive experience working with national governments to advance environmental policies with a focus on sustainable financing.

Skills and Abilities:

· a creative and practical approach in carrying out work

· excellent written and spoken communication skills in English

· technical and scientific understanding of environmental policy, environmental economics and ecosystem services

· dynamic team player

· relevant experience in skills transfer and building local capacity

The detailed job description is at under jobs.