Consultancy for Adaption Project

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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UNDP is calling for interested consultants to submit their quotations for the consultancy services available for the Adapatation Fund Project

All interested consultants, shall apply and submit quote by due date , sending email to [email protected] by or before 5PM (local time) 15th March 2018.

Your submission must include:

  1. P11 form of each member of the team addressing the evaluation criteria and why the proposing entity is the most suitable for this assignment. (standard template attached) 
  2. 3 corporate professional references (standard template attached) 
  3. Technical Proposal, how the firm/consortium will approach and conduct the work including proposed methodologies and preliminary work plan &timeline;
  4. The Proposal must cover the objective of the consultancy assignment, and required outputs and activities as specified in the TOR;
  5. Financial Proposal specifying the daily rate and other expenses (standard template attached) 
  6. Letter of interest and availability of the firm/consortium specifying the available date to start and other details (standard template attached) 
  7. International Consultants should quote in USD. Per diem rates should not be above the UN rate. Current rate for Samos is USD 148.00. Local consultants should quote in Tala.
  8. The Proposal must be in the English language.
  9. The abovementioned documents, information and requirements are mandatory and as such are required to form a complete tender. A proposal will be rejected if it is not substantially responsive to the abovementioned requirements;