Programme Development Specialist (WASH)

Oxford, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

The Programme Development Specialist (WASH) will play a key role in developing Oxfam’s portfolio of WASH programming, through strategic leadership and operational support to programme staff throughout the Confederation. Working closely with programme advisors and funding managers, the role will contribute to the growth of a strong portfolio of programmes – including helping to secure funding for evolving, new or scaled-up programmes. In particular, the role complements and is expected to collaborate closely with a Business Development (Funding) and a Thematic lead (WASH Governance Advisor) to lead the growth of this portfolio, globally.

The purpose of this role is to provide additional, focussed capacity in support of the development of strong WASH programmes – and the growth of the WASH programme portfolio more broadly. The Programme Development Specialist (WASH) will be deployed in support of specific programmes and opportunities, with a focus on large, complex or multi-country interventions with identified funding opportunities. They will work closely with existing programme management, advisory and delivery teams to move from programme design to implementation. They will support, facilitate or lead processes that result in clear programme plans and operational realities, including ensuring that good and clear decisions are taken around components such as programme management units, programme governance, budgeting, and clarity on staffing requirements. The Programme Development Specialist (WASH) will also document experience and lessons learned, helping to contribute to a consistent and high-quality approach to supporting programme quality in Oxfam.