Consultancy “Compendium of Good Practices/ Lessons Learnt on Wash Intervention Project” via ReliefWeb

Freetown, , SL

The Freetown WASH Consortium (FWC) brings together five international NGOs (Action Contre la Faim – ACF), Concern Worldwide, GOAL, Oxfam, and Save the Children) working in close partnership to improve WASH services by low income and vulnerable communities in the urban and rural districts of Freetown, Sierra Leone. The consortium had successfully delivered its 1st phase intervention between 2010 to March 2013. This intervention benefitted a total of 383,000 persons. The Consortium is currently implementing its 2nd phase programme beginning from April 2013 through March 2017 with a target number of 681,789 beneficiaries. As part of the 2nd phase, the Consortium planned to identify and document lessons learnt on various innovations and approaches that were used during the implementation of the project “Expanding access to Water and Sanitation in Freetown”. This will inform future programme planning, design and implementation for the Consortium as well as aid sector learning within Sierra Leone. The exercise is scheduled to be conducted by an independent consultant from 1st September – 30th November 2016.

For this reason, Oxfam in conjunction with the WASH Consortium (FWC) invites application of tenders from interested, qualified and experienced Consultants or Service Providers (including Oxfam current and previous suppliers) for the future provision of services in the following category:

How to apply:

Consultancy ToR, Scope and Output:

More detailed technical specifications for all of the above will be provided upon the declaration of interest only to be included in the tender documents. If you are interested in submitting a bid: Please contact us at the following address below;

[email protected] or to the physical address 15. Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen, Freetown – to express your interest and request the tender documents with detailed lists of the tender documents. Please quote the ‘reference number’ of the TENDER ( TD 16/ 002 /FRT-SL). Oxfam shall send by return email, the details of such consultancy documents, item description for adequate technical and budget submission along with other ethical tender documents, the detail of which shall be exhaustive.

The last day for the submission of the completed tender documents will be 22 July 2016, by 16:00HRS. Any bid submitted after this date and time will automatically be disqualified. As Oxfam strives to ensure accountability and transparency in the tender exercise, the followings has been carefully chosen to provide equal opportunities to all service providers/ vendors.

All bidders involved in the Tender Process are given the same information and/ or the same opportunity to obtain information and a minimum amount of time, (three weeks as advertised) is considered for the bidders to prepare and submit their tenders/ offers.

All interested bidders are to submit along with the above all details required for the ITT as specified below;

1. Documents to be submitted by any interested bidder shall include.

  • Completed Supplier Questionnaire
  • Tender Dossier – how the supply and delivery of the services would be managed (reporting structure), including any technical documentation.
  • Certificates of quality, and origin, for such services.
  • Reference contact details – MUST be current & NGO preferred.
  • List of principal clients, previous relevant experience, including any accreditation or quality control documents.
  • Company profile, registration documents, certificates, company status, structure, capital and investment.
  • Evidence of Tax, GST registrations and payments – must be at least 6 months validity.
  • Audited accounts for the previous two financial years + last 6 Months bank statement of the party showing closing balance as on May 31st 2016.
  • Evidence of outlet/ branches or affiliates in other Districts where Oxfam or other consortium members operates in.

2. ITT Checklist (document to be provided by Oxfam)

  • Cover letter introducing the background to the tender and objectives of the tendering process including background on the consortium (part of the ToR)
  • Timetable for the tendering process
  • Procedural information on the tender, including criteria for assessing the tender bids
  • Information about the goods or services required (with detailed specifications where necessary)
  • Instructions to the supplier for submitting tenders, including list of supporting documentation to be submitted with the Tender bid
  • Oxfam’s General Conditions of Purchase
  • Oxfam Ethical Purchasing Policy
  • Blank supplier questionnaire
  • Oxfam’s payment terms and conditions and any disclaimers
  • A reference number (for inclusion on the front of the plain envelope that the supplier uses to return their bid).