National Implementation Plan and Water Quality Consultant

Vanuatu Department of Water Resources

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1. Background and Overview

The Department of Water Resources (DoWR) under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, was set up to ensure sustainable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation for the people of Vanuatu to support improved public health and promote social and economic development.

2. Purpose

In 2017, a ‘National Implementation Plan for Safe and Secure Drinking Water’ (NIP), was approved by the National Water Advisor Council (NWAC).  The NIP is a national framework for achieving Vanuatu’s vision of 100% access to safely managed drinking water by 2030. The NIP defines 2 key implementation mechanisms: (1) ‘Drinking Water Safety and Security Plans’ (DWSSP) which is a community level planning tool and data gathering mechanism that enables the DoWR to plan and implement water infrastructure investments; and (2) the ‘Capital Assistance Programme’ (CAP) which is the financing and procurement mechanism that allows DoWR to deliver water infrastructure projects for communities that have completed a DWSSP. The NIP aims to complete DWSSPs for all 2,000 Vanuatu communities by 2030.

3. Scope

The hired technical assistant will mentor government staff to strengthen water quality monitoring and implement the National Implementation Plan.

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Strengthen capacity to use water quality monitoring and laboratory equipment that has been procured
  • Analyze existing water quality data
  • Lead training for water quality monitoring and analysis
  • Support DoWR to establish a water safety testing regime to be implemented through DoWR laboratories at national and provincial level
  • Support DoWR to create a Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program based on the regime created
  • Lead preparations for a participatory workshop to get stakeholder feedback on the Drinking Water Quality Program (Workshop should be facilitated by a fluent Bislama speaker)
  • Support DoWR to adapt the Drinking Water Quality Program as noted in the workshop

National Implementation Plan (NIP)

  • Support DoWR staff in their efforts to administer and operationalise the drinking water safety and security planning process
  • Document the Capital Assistance Programme (CAP) implementation arrangements
  • Lead preparations for participatory discussions or workshop with MoL and DoWR staff regarding:
    • NIP project management systems, governance, management and decision making processes for CAP funded projects
    • Governance and financial approval structure to authorise CAP expenditure to address community drinking water problems, which have been identified through rollout of DWSSPs
  • Support DoWR participatory discussions by documenting outcomes and creating documents, forms, management structures or budgets necessary
  • Ensure CAP specification and eligibility criteria for water systems align with SDGs

Provide feedback on Key Documents

  • Review Operations and Maintenance manual
  • Review capacity and training needs assessment, Human Resource Development Plan (2018-2021) and staff capacity building workplan
  • Provide relevant input for WASH Sector Problem Analysis
  • Review NIP workplan for 2018 – 2021 costings and budget

4. Deliverables, Timing and Level of Effort

It is estimated that this work will take 40 work days, with at least 2 trips of one week each between now and end of November 2018.  Payment will be made after each mission based on a trip report outlining progress made on each of the required documents.

5. Qualifications

The firm or individual selected must:

  • Experience in Vanuatu with the DoWR, Public Works or Ministry of Land
  • Experience advising National Water Quality programs
  • Ability to work with people, lead and initiate activities and produce deliverables on time in the Pacific
  • Excellent writing ability in English

There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate, but permanent or temporary residents of Vanuatu are preferred.

6. Application Details

Interested individuals or firms should send a cover letter outlining related experience, CV, hourly rate and total cost to:  Esther Sandrin Teitoka [email protected].  All applications should be submitted before March 27th at noon.