Necanicum Watershed Council (NWC)

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The Necanicum Watershed Council (NWC), based in Seaside, Oregon, is seeking a coordinator to oversee the council’s activities.  The coordinator position is funded through a grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.  The coordinator will assist the Council with implementation of the Necanicum Watershed Work Plan, which contains recommendations for activities within the Necanicum basin that includes all tributaries of the Necanicum, Neawanna, and Neacoxie Rivers.

BACKGROUND: The NWC is a non-profit organization of community volunteers who work to ensure that our watershed is a healthy and functioning ecosystem. Through community outreach and education, landowner partnerships, and on-the-ground habitat development projects, we work to further understanding about the Necanicum Watershed and to make sure it has a sustainable future. As a watershed council defined by Oregon Revised Statute 541.350, the NWC implements work that meets the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.

TITLE: Watershed Council Coordinator

EMPLOYER: Necanicum Watershed Council

WORK LOCATION: Necanicum Watershed Council office, Seaside, OR.

SALARY: Wage rate is paid on a monthly salary ($2,900 – $3,275) commensurate with experience. This salary will cover up to 32 hours of time per week. The remaining 8+ hours of time per week may be fulfilled by additional project work, to be billed at an hourly rate dictated by the funding source. The normal work week is 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. However, on occasion this position may require working evenings and/or weekends. The current level of funding is secured through June 30, 2019. The position includes a $250 monthly medical stipend. After working for six months the coordinator will be eligible for accrued vacation and sick leave.

POSITION TERM: Funding for the biennium depends upon successful capacity funding grants from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and other sources, as well as successful project grants from a variety of sources.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The position of Necanicum Watershed Council Coordinator requires being able to work both independently and as a part of a team.  The coordinator is in charge of providing staff support, organization and initiative to a community based volunteer organization.


Watershed Restoration

  • Assist the Council and groups that the Council works in partnership with in setting watershed priorities, developing restoration action plans and implementing those actions in support of the plan priorities.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with natural resource organizations, community groups, watershed stakeholders, local government, state and federal agencies, and interested citizens.
  • Build relationships with landowners and other interested watershed residents to facilitate restoration projects.
  • Research funding opportunities and write grant proposals for Council activities and projects.
  • Prepare and manage budgets based on existing action plans and watershed assessments.
  • Manage grants received by the Council.
  • Prepare and submit various written and oral reports on watershed activities and grant funds usage to the Council and other funding organizations.

Education and Outreach

  • Represent the NWC at appropriate forums and events.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with natural resource organizations, community groups, watershed stakeholders, agencies and interested citizens.
  • Develop relationships with local school districts and teachers to provide students with opportunities for engaging in watershed restoration, monitoring or assessment projects.
  • Make presentations to stakeholder and community groups about the work of the NWC.
  • Help organize, promote and facilitate current NWC education and outreach programs, such as the annual Necanicum Bird Discovery Day, and the winter lecture series Listening to the Land.
  • Promote NWC activities and achievements through local media, presentations and other means.
  • Help to build community awareness of and involvement in the work of the NWC.

Organizational Support and Fiscal Administration

  • Recommend policy, procedures or actions that will promote a healthy watershed system in the Necanicum Watershed.
  • Organize and perform staff activities such as preparing meeting agendas, database management, and other record keeping tasks, organize and prepare for council meetings, take meeting minutes and provide written meeting minutes to the council for review.
  • Track grant expenses, make payments and submit to funders for reimbursement, perform basic bookkeeping tasks for the Council.
  • Conduct mandatory Council activities such as Self-Evaluations, Action and Work Plan updates.
  • Solicit and coordinate volunteer help for council projects and activities.
  • Attend relevant conferences and training programs to increase skills and keep abreast of developments within the community of Oregon watershed councils.
  • Keep the Council apprised of relevant meetings, hearings, policy changes, training opportunities, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in public administration, community development, environmental sciences or a related natural resource management field is highly desirable. Relevant training and/or experience may be substituted for a degree.
  • Related professional background in natural resource program management, community organizing and/or organizational development is preferred.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects with competing deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of watershed issues, watershed management.
  • Good communication skills, comfort with public speaking.
  • Provide project management for on-the-ground ecological restoration projects and research/monitoring projects.
  • Experience with budget preparation, expense tracking, analysis, and contracting.
  • Ability to create positive collaborative relationships between groups and individuals representing potentially conflicting values and priorities.
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to research funding and write successful grant proposals for Council activities and projects.
  • Ability to work independently, establish work priorities and manage time effectively.
  • Knowledge of Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping is desirable.
  • Computer proficient (PC)
  • Office management skills: maintain and update filing system, resource library, keep office organized and functional.
  • Physical ability to investigate, implement and conduct field inspections and on-the-ground field activities.
  • Reliable personal transportation and valid driver’s license.

The Necanicum Watershed Council Coordinator’s position involves both office and outdoor work.  Office work includes data analysis, plan formulation, report and grant writing, general office management and attending both day and evening meetings in the Seaside area.  The Coordinator is required to attend all council meetings, as well as other scheduled council activities. Outdoor work requires regular and recurring physical exertion that includes walking, hiking, wading in water, planting and climbing.  Work outside will be done in all types of weather and on steep or rough terrain.  Field visits will be made to project locations to gather data and make assessments of needs.  The Coordinator must provide his/her own transportation for watershed council business, mileage will be reimbursed.

The Coordinator may opt to supplement his/her income by performing direct project support activities such as project management and direct project labor.


  • The Watershed Council Coordinator is an employee of the Necanicum Watershed Council.
  • Policy, program and activity direction is provided by the Necanicum Watershed Council board.
  • The NWC Officers will oversee this position. Officers will meet regularly with the coordinator to be updated on the Coordinator’s work and to supply assistance as needed.
  • The Officers of the NWC have ongoing responsibility for staff review and shall evaluate the job performance of the Coordinator annually.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit cover letter, resume, and three references as one document (.pdf) in the form of an e-mail attachment to [email protected], using the subject line “Necanicum Watershed Council Coordinator” or mail application packet to Necanicum Watershed Council, P.O. Box 474, Seaside, Oregon 97138. All applications must be received through mail or e-mail by 5pm March 9, 2018.

QUESTIONS: During business hours (8am to 5pm PST), contact Melyssa Graeper with questions regarding this announcement by calling (503) 939-5210, or by email at [email protected]

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