Water Sanitation and Public Health Promotion Volunteer via ReliefWeb

Qatar Red Crescent Society

Bekaa, , LB

1. Project Background : User Centred Sanitation Design Through Rapid Community Engagement Project will deploy innovative rapid exploration tools that are; capable of (1) tapping into users’ reality and users ‘needs for sanitation ( within 24 hours) through an ethnographic survey and of (2) co-creatively feeding them into technical pitches (within 72 hours) through co-creation community meetings , and of (3) iteratively improving the sanitation infrastructure, based on user-satisfaction surveys and host community meetings through an engagement plan.

2. Contract Period: 6 months

3. Project Goal: Rapidly piloting methods of User Centred Design and Community Engagement within a simulated rapid- onset emergency of safe disposal of excreta to create rapid community mobilization capable of self-reliance for operation and maintenance (cleaning) of latrines.

4. Candidate Background: A creative volunteer with field experience in public health and sanitation promotion who has demonstrated experience in engaging Syrian refugees with high rate of illiteracy in decision making process that preserves their dignity through direct participation in assessment, designing, building latrines and monitoring and maintenance. He/She speaks Arabic native speaker has experience engaging directly with Syrian refugees. English language proficiency is not required.

5. Responsibilities

6.1. Assess and identify high public health and sanitation priority risk for immediate intervention

6.2. Design and identify communication methods that inform and incentives beneficiaries depending on age and sex.

6.3. Run the agenda community meetings and verify self-reported sanitation needs and complaints.

6.4. Gather priority and important information on public health, personal hygiene practices that are directly related to safe disposal of excreta through mapping, interviews, latrine and sanitation field inspection and interviews.

6.5. Integrate User Design methods, ethnographic interviews and prototyping in the immediate sanitation action plan and public health promotion (* if you do not know have knowledge of User Design Methods, you will be invited for a workshop once you pass the qualification round).

6.6. Prepare and create engagement activities for all different age groups that allow for positive behavioral change in public health promotion and usage of latrines.

6.7. Good time management of interviews with groups of high illiteracy

6.8. Good interaction with refugees in receiving complaints from beneficiaries and the speed in verifying and responding to them.

6.9. Conduct of up to 10 qualitative surveys per day.

7. Qualification Requirements

7.1. Knowledge: Pass technical interview test in sanitation and public health promotion

7.2. Education: academic degree in public health engineering or training certificates in relevant field or high number of years of working in the Public Health Promotion field.

7.3. Long Hours: Because this is a simulated emergency response, we expect commitment to working long hours 10-13 hours in the first three weeks of kickstarting the project. We will of course be sensitive to culturally accepted time-frame of the long hours.

7.4. Local Language and Context : English is not required. Arabic and local dialect is a pre-requisite.

7.5. Priority is given to women if qualifications are met due to high risk of response bias from female beneficiaries with regards sensitivity of dignity, personal hygiene and menstrual management which will affect data that will be derived from the projects’ surveys.

How to apply:

Please send your resume to HIF Project Manager, Intidhar Amri: [email protected]