International Institutional Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , UZ

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
On 9 November 2017, ADB approved the $800,000 technical assistance to prepare the Second Phase of the  Tashkent Province Water Supply Development Project.  The proposed project will revitalize the water  supply systems of the other two districts of the Kadiyra regional water supply system, namely Chinaz and  Yangiyul. The technical assistance grant will be used for feasibility assessment and project preparation  of the ensuing loan including social and resettlement safeguards and due diligence.
Scope of Work
The International Institutional Specialist will contribute to the preparation of feasibility study, due  diligence, environment and safeguard assessment for the project.
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The Institutional Specialist will carry out the following main tasks:
(i) review the recent regulatory framework in the Water Supply sector with particular concern to recent  Decrees of Cabinet of Ministers (DCM) in the sector (particularly examine changes/proposals in the Legal  agreements and Fiduciary control as per DCM No. 306, to improve structure and management of WSS  enterprises, and No. and 334 to improve mechanisms of finance from international donors) and assess the  adequacy of the recent reform for the water supply sector;
(ii) carry out dedicated interviews and evaluate the management and operational capability of the  current water utility management;
(iii) identify weaknesses within the management, administration, planning and maintenance groups and  propose measures and means to improve the institutional and capacity in areas identified as insufficient  or weak with the purpose to ensure effective and sustainable implementation of the investment program;
(iv) propose mechanisms aimed to foster improved coordination among various organizations and  stakeholders involved in the water supply and sanitation sector;
(v) assess the O&M capacity of the lower tier of the water supply management, particularly at WDCs and  HH connections;
(vi) identify and propose capacity building programs addressed to both: a) the management, and b) the  operational staff of the provincial suvokova taking also into account needs for improving operation and  maintenance capacity of the personnel assigned to the districts’ suvokovas branches;
(vii) work in coordination with the team leader and the FS engineering staff to identify specific needs  for technical capacity building that will be provided to the suvokovas personnel in charge of operation  and maintenance through on-the-job training during construction or specifically tailored training inland  or abroad, in order to secure sustainable operation and management of the assess in the long term;
(viii) prepare outlines of the capacity building programs proposed to be implemented during the construction phase and further, as required, as well as matrix-type summaries and cost estimates of such  capacity building programs with relevant schedule of implementation;
(ix) identify the needs for consulting specialists, both national and international, required to be  assigned under the detailed design and construction supervision program of the Project to ensure the  proper implementation of the Capacity Building Program, which will be finalized under the detailed  design and further implemented under the construction phase of the project, and prepare a descriptive  scope of work for said experts;
(x) propose institutional / structural arrangements to be applied for the construction of the water  supply facilities being financed under the ADB Loan; and
(xi) provide inputs to periodic and final reports as well as to workshops, as needed.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The Institutional Specialist will have preferably a master degree in either economy & finance or  engineering, and 10 years of background in institutional analysis and development related to the water  supply and sewerage sector. Background experience related to operational practices in  the water supply and sanitation (WSS) is regarded as a certain supplementary asset.  knowledge of ADB  procedures and experience in ADB-financed urban development, urban infrastructure projects and water  supply projects. Relevant experience in Uzbekistan is a certain supplementary asset.

Deadline of Submitting EOI: 06-Mar-2018 11:59 PM Manila local time