Risk Flood Disaster Expert

Prospective Management Overseas (PMO)

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Serbia’s risk profile: Serbia is one of the few European countries with very high risk exposure to a wide variety of natural hazards, including floods, landslides, droughts, forest fires and earthquakes1. Since 2000, the Republic of Serbia has faced several significant extreme climate and weather episodes that have caused significant material and financial losses, as well as the losses of human lives. In April 2006, for example, the Danube and its tributaries reached very high levels due to heavy precipitation. This led to flooding in various municipalities in Vojvodina and central Serbia. More than 225,000 ha were affected, and an estimated 11,000 people were displaced or homeless. The total flood damage was estimated as EUR 35.7 million. One year later, in November 2007, massive floods took place in the south of the country. Torrential floods in the basin of the river Velika Morava and its tributaries negatively
affected the population and severely damaged bridges and roads.

At least a university degree in a relevant discipline such as geosciences or civil engineering.

The minimum professional experience should be 10 years in hydraulics, water resources, flood management and GIS mapping.
He/she should have been a team leader of international projects in the water management sector and at least one similar project within the past 5 years.
Demonstrated experience with the implementation of the EU Flood Directive and experience in the Danube region, particularly in Serbia, will be advantageous.