Advisor (Private Sector Engagement)

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷

GGGI is looking for a talented and experienced individual to perform the role of a Senior Advisor for Private Sector Engagement. The successful candidate will be part of the Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD) – the financial and technical arm of GGGI – and work closely with its policy experts and investment specialists to develop and finance projects that make a genuine difference in our partner countries. The nature of conversations will involve familiarity with technologies, business models and partnership architectures, risk mitigation and so on.

The successful candidate will therefore have the task of developing institutional relationships with private sector entities, initiate, nurture and establish meaningful partnerships with the right type of companies, understand risk and business models and more generally help GGGI build a meaningful way to engage with “the private sector”.

GGGI also has a rapidly-expanding portfolio of bankable projects in the energy, urban, water, and landscape sectors that is has committed to structure and take to financing. As the portfolio matures, it is critical that the organization foster a healthy relationship with private companies to solicit their interest as financiers, developers, and/or operator of these projects. Hence an effective and systematic manner of engagement to present, discuss, and cooperate with the private sector is needed. 


The Senior Advisor will perform both an exciting and important role as the point person for private sector engagement. The successful candidate will have a clean slate on which to design, build, and implement the organization’s private sector engagement model/process, supported by a nimble team that is innovative and passionate about their work. While the individual will have a certain level of flexibility to attain this objective, specific tasks could include:

  • Identifying prospective partners in the private sector, including but not limited to Danish companies, who may be interested in GGGI’s work across the countries
  • Initiate, nurture and establish meaningful partnerships with the right type of companies, design suitable business models, advice on partnerships that GGGI could enter into, conceptualize ‘engagement models’ to facilitate and encourage private involvement in green growth
  • Engaging industry associations, companies, and other private sector entities to communicate/promote GGGI’s project portfolio and business opportunities therein
  • On the financing front, designing an engagement method that GGGI’s deal teams could utilize to assess financiers’ interest or tailor the project parameters in accordance with their preferences
  • Advising GGGI staff as needed in developing projects, engaging private sector stakeholders, and securing financing


 Business Development and Networking 

  • Establishes, maintains and leverages strategic relationships with executive-level business contacts and government officials to foster strategic partnerships 
  • Develops relationships with investors and other companies yet ensuring that GGGI runs a fair and transparent process in its investment services work
  • Develops new business models of engagement and investment opportunities that maximize private sector contribution to sustainable development 


  • Maintains relationships with external clients that are important to the organization  


  • Package and promote GGGI’s work to private sector stakeholders effectively 


Core competencies and business acumen for this position have been categorized as follows:

  • Origination: Identifies new business lines
  • Business development: Opportunities within new or existing countries based on extensive knowledge of GGGI’s core operations and strategic goals 



  • 12-15 years’ experience in the private sector; a preference for Business and Industry with deep understanding of the commercial elements of business would be desirable
  • A deep understanding of engaging with Government and public processes as well as commercial engagements
  • Extensive network encompassing private sector companies and financial institutions
  • Familiarity with climate change, development/public finance, Sustainable Development Goals
  • Proven experience in business development would be a bonus
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is a basic requirement.
  • Experience of working in multi country context and international setting 


The ideal candidate will be excellent at communication and teamwork with demonstrated experience/expertise in private sector engagement. He/she would have worked in a range of public-private partnership projects, and therefore capable of understanding the concerns and needs unique to each. He/she would also be well-connected with established contact points in many corporations, thereby capable of raising the visibility of GGGI’s project portfolio and putting it “on the map” in a short period of time. 


GGGI needs a person who can bring more than knowledge and passion to the role: someone who has the grit and resilience to do this work, someone who is proactive, dynamic and able to work together with minimal supervision. The successful candidate is a skillful team member with an ability to interact within and beyond GGGI, a thoughtful communicator, a deep thinker, and a diplomatic change agent who understands the dynamics and tensions in this kind of diverse, global landscape. The individual should be: 

  • Excellent in business development
  • Able to handle complex multi-stakeholder relationships
  • Keen on maintaining a high degree of professional integrity
  • Able to effectively communicate, listen to others, and create and promote an environment for open communication
  • Able to work effectively with other teams of a high degree of cultural/professional diversity

The Position will report to the Assistant Director-General of the Investment and Policy Solutions Division but work closely with other colleagues in an otherwise relatively flat organization