Regional technical advisor water and sanitation

Croix-Rouge Française

Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧

FRC has been present in the MENA region since 2003, in support to its partners the host national societies. Water sanitation, livelihood and emergency response activities have been in majority developed within the regional response. Currently active in Lebanon and Irak, FRC plans to increase its field of action in the region. Water and sanitation represents a major challenge for the whole area. FRC possesses a significant expertise in the WASH sector and so this strategic axis has been prioritized to develop new actions.
A staff fully dedicated to this central theme will allow to understand the regional and national specific needs and contexts and to formulate adapted responses to support our partners and their beneficiaries. The regional post will also allow to ensure coherence between all of the proposed activities and ensures close and adapted monitoring.
The position
  • Ensure humanitarian coordination in ‘water and sanitation’ with all of the regional actors (internal and external to the Movement)
  • Represent FRC in the region within the WASH technical sector
  • Ensure a follow-up on technical stakes / issues in the region
  • Identify the ‘water and sanitation’ needs in the MENA region and offer / propose adequate answers in the RCRC Movement context
  • Complete evaluation / assessment missions
  • Develop and write related project proposal documents 
  • Ensure the ‘water and sanitation’ technical advisory role for the FRC delegation in the MENA region
  • Advise technically the FRC delegation in the region
  • Ensure the ‘water and sanitation’ technical advisory role with our host NS / Movement partners
  • Advise technically the host NS on demand from them
  • Support the existing partnership with other PNS
  • Ensure that lessons-learnt and capitalization process of existing actions is completed



Works under the responsibility of the HOD Lebanon / FRC regional representative


Collaborates internally with: water sanitation technical desk at HQ

Collaborates externally with: depends on the delegation / project

Profile of the candidate


Linked to the water sanitation coordinator function:

  • Knowledge / experience of FRC
  • Knowledge / experience of RCRC Movement
  • Good team work potential; ability to communicate and exchange
  • Feels at ease and flexible with human relations; strong adaptation potential and robust flexibility
  • Good capacity of technical and strategical analysis
  • Very good drafting and writing competence
  • Master in certain IT software- fluent in MS Word and Excel- able to use the rest of the Pack Office is a plus

Linked specifically to the mission’s context :

· To be patient and diplomatic

· Flexible towards work schedule and calendars

· Very good capacity for team work. At ease and flexible with human relations


  • Engineer or hydraulic technician specialized in water and sanitation. Familiar with project cycle. Preferred knowledge / experience in solid waste/black water and environmental issues.


  • Location : Lebanon
  • Duration: 8 months 
  • To be filled: May 2018
  • Status: expatriate position

The French Red Cross reserves the right to fill the position before the closing date for applications


  • Passport valid for more than 6 months at the moment of departure
  • Up-to-date vaccination card / fitness for travel

Online training

To be better acquainted with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, we invite you to follow two training sessions online, free and accessible to all that constitute a real advantage for your application:

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Stay Safe is intended for every staff in a position to carry out international missions on behalf of the Federation or a National Society of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. The course aims at developing a common culture of security management within the Movement in order to enable a better understanding of the main threats and risks for humanitarian actors in the field, and offers solutions to restrain their impact.

You will find these lessons on the IFRC Learning Platform open to all by clicking on the following link: