Program Manager (Water Resources, Education and Outreach)

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID, United States 🇺🇸

Position Summary

The crowdsourced research component of this position entails: developing sustainable networks of citizen scientists; designing, managing and implementing successful citizen science campaigns, designing mechanisms that will facilitate recruitment and retention of citizen scientists, working with scientists and data professionals to ensure that the data collected is scientifically robust; and creating mechanisms for assessing the success of the citizen science campaigns.
The outreach component of this position requires focus and strategic planning to a meet the information and technology transfer needs of state, regional and national stakeholders that are interested in our educational and scientific progress. The outreach program provides a critical link between IWRRI, the extended water resource professional community, and the public at large. This component of the position will periodically require working with a wide range of University of Idaho faculty, as well as working with water resource professionals from state, federal and tribal agencies as well as other diverse organizations. Outreach material may include: workshops, seminars and discussion forums, but is just as likely to include written material. The ability to work with social media is a definite plus.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate citizen science campaigns by establishing and maintaining a network of citizen scientists and delivering significant citizen science campaigns.
    • Developing effective strategies to recruit and retain citizen scientists.
    • Working in conjunction with data specialists to ensure that the data collected is robust.
    • Continually assessing effectiveness and efficiencies of the program including distribution of information back to the community at large.
  • Develop and maintain outreach materials, including social media, to facilitate communication with local, state and national water resource communities.
    • Developing and maintaining IWRRI’s social media presence.
    • Seeking out new partnership and relationships with non-traditional entities on state, regional and national levels.
    • Writing content and working with students to develop written materials for publicity and publication.
  • Expand water resources outreach capabilities and programs at the University of Idaho.
    • Communicating regularly with water resource faculty to understand outreach needs.
    • Developing and managing strategies for outreach efforts that effectively connect research activities to appropriate audiences and potential supporters.
    • Promoting and facilitating communication and networking channels between water research faculty.
    • Developing strategies to better leverage resources across the water research community.
  • Provide service to the water resources outreach and education community.
    • Establishing and maintaining a broad network with both education and education communities to keep up with needs and trends.
    • Managing and maintaining formal communication channels to both audiences.
    • Communicating about available innovations and new materials, equipment, skills, and resources to assist other entities with education and outreach efforts.
  • Assist the director in pursuing funding opportunities related to environmental outreach activities.
    • Establishing and maintaining working partnerships with state and federal water resources agencies and organization.
    • Working toward multi-year agreements.
    • Seeking additional project funding through grants and contracts.
    • Keeping current with project achievements, assessment and reporting.
    • Promoting IWRRI water education outreach programs to new audiences
  • Serve in a supervisory role for facilitators for education workshops and IWRRI Administration Assistant when assisting in the development and administration of education and outreach activities.
    • Recruiting, training, managing and supervising contracted water education facilitators around the state.
    • Providing supervision to IWRRI staff in activities relating to water education and outreach activities. *Providing clear instructions, adequate resources, and support to enable them to complete their job responsibilities.

Position Qualifications

  • Masters degree in STEM-related field
  • The ability to coordinate and manage groups of citizen scientists, contractors, vendors, volunteers and staff
  • Solid project management skills including personnel and financial management
  • Excellent personal communication skills, including the ability to speak publicly
  • A basic understanding of the concepts relating to water resources, resource management, water quality, and research principles as well as techniques and strategies for outreach
  • Understanding of basic strategies related to community engagement
  • Strong writing skills for diverse audiences (non-scientific public, teachers, resource managers, scientists, etc.)
  • Be able to manage multiple priorities and situations.
  • Experience in the field of education – formal or informal
  • Experience in financial and administrative management
  • Be able to lift and/or otherwise move up to 40 pounds
  • Able to travel to various locations around the state
  • Primarily indoors, but sometimes outdoors near rivers, lakes, and streams.
  • Seldom working, but sometimes travelling in extreme weather.
  • Occasionally working long hours