Watershed Planning Associate

Huron River Watershed Council

Ann Arbor, MI, US

General Description: The Watershed Planning Associate assists with the planning and implementation of environmental monitoring and stormwater outreach programming that supports several distinct but related projects across the organization. The Associate is primarily responsible for coordinating volunteer data collection in the Chemistry and Flow Monitoring Program, and assisting with its ongoing development and implementation. The Assistant is also part of a team assisting local governments to meet federal stormwater requirements and implement key strategies of watershed management plans. The position is designed as entry-level with mentoring to guide growth into a full Planner position.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate volunteer activities under the Chemistry and Flow Monitoring Program, maintaining regular communication with volunteers and filling in sampling gaps where necessary.
  • Track and maintain all monitoring equipment and materials needed in the field for the monitoring program.
  • Maintain functional relationships with staff at laboratories that analyze samples for the monitoring program, ensuring that all samples are able to be analyzed within holding time requirements.
  • Process incoming field and lab data and review for issues that violate quality control protocols. Also review data for anomalies requiring follow-up sampling or other action by HRWC or others.
  • Work with monitoring program director, partner organizations and volunteers to execute storm sampling protocols when weather forecasts predict incoming storms
  • Work with Watershed Planners to conduct data analysis and prepare monitoring and project reports and present results at a variety of stakeholder meetings and other forums.
  • Assist with the coordination of watershed management programs and initiatives, including organization of meetings, project and budget reports, outcome tracking and other requirements. 
  • Serve as the primary contact and communications liaison for three stormwater stakeholder groups. Duties will include the coordination of meeting logistics among others.
  • Carry out research and product development for other projects at the request of Watershed Planners. 

Watershed Council Functions:

  • Participate in production of a high-quality newsletter, website, and other traditional media and social networking outlets
  • Assist in developing and implementing any needed procedures to continually improve the effectiveness of the organization
  • Participate in staff meetings, and other organization events and activities
  • Support and facilitate the development of new projects and other fundraising efforts

Desired Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in natural resources, biology, environmental engineering, public policy and/or planning, plus relevant work experience in volunteer coordination and aquatic sampling techniques
  • Strong analytical skills, preferably using statistical analysis techniques, GIS and other watershed management tools
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills, both verbal and written
  • Self-motivated, organized, experienced with working on teams
  • Experience in working with water quality issues and solutions
  • Ability and desire to facilitate collaborative approaches to environmental protection
  • Ability to effectively and independently manage numerous projects—funder relations, evaluation, tracking, and time management
  • Availability to participate in water sampling activities outside the typical work day including some evenings and weekend times
  • Commitment to an organization that requires staff time to maintain the culture of both participatory decision-making and support for colleagues to achieve their best
  • Requires travel within four-county area in southeastern Michigan
  • Able to meet the demands of the work environment that includes indoor and outdoor locations in a variety of temperatures, light conditions, activity and noise levels

Please submit a cover letter, resume and references to Ric Lawson at [email protected] by March 9, 2018.