International Irrigation Specialist

Arbil, , IQ

Organizational Setting
 FAO’s office for Iraq is responsible for developing, promoting, overseeing and implementing agreed strategies for addressing countrywide food, agriculture and rural development priorities under the current L3 Emergency. It develops and maintains relations with the relevant Ministries at country level. The post is located in in Erbil (with visits to locations in KRI), Iraq.
The International Irrigation Specialist is responsible for conducting the data collection, collaboration and producing the final report for the study.
Technical Focus
 This Consultant will work relating to water resources and irrigation development and management for agriculture and sustainable agricultural systems.
Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Conduct field visits to familiarize with the repair and rehabilitation works of selected farmers managed Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes (SSIS)
  • Identify appropriate irrigation technologies and increase rice and other crop production by better water control, improved varieties and soil fertilisation
  • Undertake feasibility study including preliminary investigations, data collection and site identification for potential irrigation development
  • Increase irrigation water use efficiency and productivity by improved water control and management in the selected areas. 
  • Encourage greater farmer participation in operation in the respective sites to ensure sustainability of the irrigated schemes.
  • Collect the essential information of improved irrigated agricultural production
  • a fully developed and operational pilot area of water harvesting established community of practice
  • Review irrigation and rural infrastructure development reports and related investment proposals
  • Map existing national agriculture and water strategies and define in them elements related to water harvesting sub-sector
  • Prepare a matrix for gaps analysis and define water harvesting sub-sector related gaps, and define gaps, potentiality, and other relevant dimensions that can be derived from the analysis
  • Support the organization of a stakeholder consultation meeting and act as resource person in this meeting
  • Review report of agriculture and water strategies with water harvesting sub-sector focus is produced
  • Conduct  literature review and provide secondary data analysis
  • Produce a list of Key Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Liaise with MoA and MoAWR and conduct primary data collection involving both quantitative and qualitative results
  • Liaise with NGOs, INGOs, IOs as well as other humanitarian agencies for secondary data collection, analysing studies and assessments the stakeholders had conducted
  • Hold interviews with KI at Focus group discussions, agricultural research centres, universities, traders, wholesalers, private companies, and farmers and validate data.
  • Compile Data
  • Supervise data entry clerk/s
  • Finalize the narrative report
  • Submit the final assessment report;

Specific Functions:

  • Regular updating of key information and data on water use and irrigation in agriculture and provide advice in fields and policy and applied research;
  • Coordinate the identification and formulation of request for external assistance by governments in the fields of irrigation, water resources development and management.
  • Conduct analytical studies of agricultural market and policy issues, including (i) trade and domestic policies that influence supply, demand and prices in commodity markets, (ii) regional trade and investment agreements;, and (iii)value chain and market integration, as well as (iv) other emerging issues, such as rural employment and climate change impacts on food supplies and trade


  • Review the water resources and irrigation development and management for agriculture and sustainable agricultural systems in KRI (first 2 months)
  • Data review during the 3rd month with a draft report detailing results and findings at the end of the 3rd month.
  • Fourth month (home based) – in collaboration with the other 2 consultants, finalize the assessment report with the submission of the completed cleared report by the end of the fourth month.

Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced University degree in Agriculture, Engineering or Natural Sciences with specification in irrigation and water resources development or related field;
  • 10 years of relevant experience in quantitative analysis of agricultural and food trade policy and market issues, formulation of policies, strategies, and development programmes and projects as well as providing technical policy advice.
  • Working knowledge of English 
  • Limited knowledge of one of the other FAO languages (Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic), preferably Arabic.

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Work experience in more than one location or area of work in the region, particularly in field positions is essential;
  • Extent and relevance of experience in coordinating irrigation and water resources development programmes;
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse technical and scientific information; to write clearly and concisely, edit technical reports and make effective presentations
  • Knowledge and experience of field programme/project formulation;
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize and lead group work, including organizing international working meetings;
  • Excellent communications skill, both orally and in writing, on technical materials for audiences at different levels of technical expertise

Selection Criteria

  • Working experience in an international environment.
  • Experience in communication technologies and data management.
  • Ability to plan and organize activities.
  • Coping with pressure: ability to work productively in a pressurized environment and within multidisciplinary and different cultural background teams.

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