Support to market-based WASH programming through development of MEAL framework and ICT applications for market mapping and monitoring (2-3 Consultants) via SuSaNa


Oxfam is aiming to develop and support the application of a robust framework for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) and associated ICT applications to support market-based programming and build the evidence-base for market-based approaches.


1. Develop detailed workplan including summary of expectations from different stakeholders.
2. Document most relevant MEAL frameworks (used by Oxfam and other agencies), ICT tools and summarize experiences of their application.
3. Define monitoring priorities, MEAL indicators and framework and approach for application in each of the OFDA countries.
4. Define ICT requirements to support MEAL, either modify existing tool or develop new ICT application, and support piloting in one country.
5. Prepare generic MEAL guidance for market-based WASH programming with modules for application for different market systems.
6. Recommendations for capacity building to promote uptake of MEAL framework and ICT user guidelines.

Qualifications, experience and competencies
Expressions of interest/ proposals are invited from suitably qualified and experienced consultants with capacity to undertake the above activity. Oxfam is looking for small team of 2-3 consultants either a company or with a lead consultant who will sub-contract to other consultant(s). The lead consultant may consider a joint submission with inputs from an additional consultant to be sub-contracted by the lead consultant. For example, if the lead consultant is an expert on M&E person, there may be a need for some additional input from an economist to focus on the market questions of examining the impact on the markets in both the short and long term.
We are looking for a team of consultants who can demonstrate the following:
• Experience of WASH programming in humanitarian and development contexts.
• Understanding of market-based programming concepts and market system mapping and analysis.
• Experience with development and application of M&E frameworks in emergency / crisis situations taking into account both quantitative and qualitative indicators.
• Expertise in developing and applying ICT applications in the development / humanitarian sector to supporting monitoring.
• Strong analytical, writing and presentation skills.

Application Process

Interested and qualified teams of consultants should send their applications before or by 22th July 2016 by 17:00 BST to [email protected] and indicate “MEAL and ICT Consultancy for Market-based WASH programming” in the subject line to the email. Please note that applications submitted in part will not be reviewed.

All submissions later than the date or through other means other than the Oxfam application system will not be accepted. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.