Hydraulic Modelling and technical assessment of the water distribution network in Bentiu PoC via ReliefWeb

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Objectives of the Survey

Main Objective:

The objective of the consultancy is to develop the water system hydraulic model for sector 5 IDP camp to determine the existing system bottlenecks and propose measures to optimize the system’s efficiency and ensure that it meets the increased IDP population water requirements; and to conduct the technical review of the system with regard to setting performance/impact indicators and document the lessons learnt.

Scope of work

The scope of the consultancy assignment shall include but not limited to the following;

  1. Determine the water demand for the PoC camp sector 5 based on the present IDP population and the SPHERE water consumption standards. Determine the distribution demand over the entire water system.

  2. Survey and Map the current water supply and distribution system (show all valves, connections etc) including pressure measurements, leak detection and establish the roughness of the existing system (Using GIS).

  3. Undertake hydraulic modelling of the existing system with the present supply/demand and identify the existing system bottlenecks using WaterGEMs or any other analysis software.

  4. Discuss with Concern and other agencies within PoC camp to determine the future IDP population and demands.

  5. Propose measures for improvement of the existing water system to provide adequate water and service standards to the fluctuating IDP population including expected future increase.

  6. Propose on how the current system can be interconnected /looped to ensure continuity of services in the events of breakdowns using the most cost-effective method.

  7. Provide preliminary cost estimates for the improvement works including suitable implementation plan, schedule and contracting.

  8. Present the modelling to the Client and other stakeholders including training of the Client staff on the developed model.

  9. To analyse the system performance of the current water supply network against set indicators and targets (both outputs and beneficiaries).

  10. Identify the strengths and challenges and assess the overall effects (outcomes) and impacts of the future intervention (intended and unintended, short-term and long-term).

  11. The technical review shall also include a discussion around relevance[2], effectiveness[3] and efficiency[4] of the system.

Perform the following analysis;

  • Water quality analysis both chemical and bacteriological analysis.

  • Scenario management (What if’s situations, different demand alternatives, pressure dependent, fire flow).

  • Pressure dependent analysis.

  • Extended flow simulations.

  • Energy costs.

  • Optimizing a pipe flow network.

  • Steady flow analysis.

Documents for Review by consultant:

  • Project documents.

  • PoC last developed water reticulation Design Report.

  • Concern Anti-Fraud policy and P4 policy.

Expected deliverables and outputs

The outputs of the consultancy assignment shall include the following;

  • Inception Report.

  • Draft Hydraulic Modelling and Technical Assessment Report.

  • Final Hydraulic Modelling and Technical Assessment Report.

  • Hydraulic Model for the camp using (WaterGEMS) preferred or any other software program.

  • Detailed map of the existing and proposed system with clearly mapped water points, storage facilities and key marks in the supply system (shape files and PDFs).

  • Phased costs of upgrading the entire system.

  • Working Detailed Drawings.

The outputs will be submitted in PDF format for the draft and the final reports. The Consultant shall submit 2 No. electronic CD copies of the data and reports in PDF and original format to the Client. All drawings to be presented in softcopy AutoCAD format LT format.

  1. Report format:

    The report will be presented in English and will include at minimum: Preamble covering background information, current water supply status, current water supply design, various models/what ifs situations, designed camp hydraulic model, recommendations for water supply design improvements; detailed BoQ for improvement of the current water reticulation system. The annex should contain but not limited to the current and proposed sector 5 layout plan, BOQ for improvement of the water supply system, Sector 5. The consultant will conduct debriefing meetings with Concern field team, this could include other relevant stakeholders.

  2. Suggested Number of days and tasks

The assignment shall be carried out within a period of 21 days. The Consultant shall submit a detailed schedule of the tasks including their expected duration and out puts. Modelling results/technical report, expert advice and recommendations should be completed within the consultancy period.

Tentative Plan

Activity Description

  1. Lines of Communication**

The consultant will report to WASH Programme Manager of Concern Worldwide South Sudan, but will work closely with the Bentiu Area Coordinator, Base manager, WASH Engineer and Emergency Programme Director.

General Conditions of the consultancy

  1. The consultant must complete all formal administrative requirements of Concern like signing Concern’s Programme Participant Protection Policy.

  2. Concern will provide transport to facilitate the work activities.

  3. The consultant should have their own lap-top to complete the work activities. Installed with the necessary program/software e.g. autoCAD to facilitate the work.

  4. Flight/travel to and from the country of residence and visa costs shall be paid by Concern Worldwide

  5. Accommodation will be provided by Concern Worldwide in Juba/field in compliance with Concern’s policy while the consultant will cover fully his/her food subsistence related costs.

  6. The movement of the consultant and team to and from the field will be facilitated by Concern Worldwide.

  7. Mode of the payment by cheque or bank transfer to the consultant shall be 40% payment on arrival, 60% after submission and approval of final report.

  8. Concern WASH team at Bentiu level and Concern WASH advisor will review the report with comments before 2nd and last instalment is paid.

  9. Payment will be subject to 20% withholding tax, as per South Sudan law unless the consultant provides confirmation that s/he is exempted.


The Country Director as the person responsible for security will make the final decision on travel plans of the Consultant based on security assessments. The Consultant must accept the Country Director’s decision and must adhere to all Concern South Sudan security protocols while in-country.

Skills and competencies required


The consultant is expected to mobilize a team comprising of the following expertise with credentials (proof will be required) from recognised and reputable institutions:

  • Water System Hydraulic Modelling Specialist

  • Water Engineer

  • GIS Expert/Surveyor

  • Auto CAD Specialist

*Work Experience:**

  • Minimum experience of 5 years on similar consultancy/assessment.

  • Proven team leading and managerial experience.

  • Knowledge of working with conflict-affected populations.

  • Previous experience in South Sudan POCs will be an added advantage.

Technical Competencies:

  • Excellent technical and analytical skills

  • Excellent reporting and presentation skills.

  • Excellent knowledge of and experience with humanitarian guidelines, principles and standards.

  • Fluency in English and local languages spoken in the working area is an advantage.

  • Computer literacy in MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Auto CADS, Water CADs or any other relevant hydraulic modelling software etc.

  • Willingness to work under pressure & meeting deadlines.

  • Ability to work in a multicultural and inter-sectoral environment.

  • Ability to work collaboratively as a team with the other staff members.

  • Ability to coordinate, direct and supervise others to achieve a common goal.

  • Ability to live and work in an isolated area in conditions of limited comfort


Fluency in English is essential. Knowledge of local language is an added advantage.

8. Application procedures

Qualified and interested candidates may collect the Terms of Reference (ToR), free of charge, by:

  • Requesting a softcopy by emailing [email protected]

  • Collecting TOR from Concern Worldwide Office, Airport Road, Juba, from the reception.