Research Engineer (Institute for Coastal and Water Research)

University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Lafayette, LA, United States 🇺🇸


The Research Engineer will be expected to execute ICaWR mission in water resources research and co-develop and maintain a vigorous research program in collaboration with ICaWR research faculty.  The research expertise of the Research Engineer must sufficiently align with those of the ICaWR mission on water resources research such that the Research Engineer has the abilities, skills, and knowledge to assist with the research program, including executing exiting research project, supervision of graduate students, technical management of scientific equipment, production of technical reports and presentations, and ensuring the completion of contract deliverables and work products.  

The Research Engineer will also be expected to provide critical bridging support to ICaWR research faculty in conducting existing water resources research projects, development of research proposals, providing technical support in areas such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood prediction, flood forecasting, GIS analysis,  conducting literature reviews and scientific editing of research proposals, as well as interfacing with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on behalf of ICaWR research faculty.  The Research Engineer will also provide logistical support in the collection of field data as appropriate.

PhD in hydrology and water resources engineering, or related fields. Skills and research expertise are desired in areas such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood prediction, geo-spatial analysis, and applications of statistical methods in hydrology. Strong scientific programming skills and use of open-source tools are highly desired. The position requires a broad knowledge base in the areas of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, land-surface modeling systems, spatio-temporal statistical methods, and GIS analysis. Experiences in the use of community-based models such as the WRF-Hydro system, the National Water Model, and other open-source modeling systems are highly desired. The applicant should show strong abilities in scientific programming using multiple platforms and open-source environments. The position also requires ability to  publish scientific papers and participate in development of research proposals.