Adaptation Capacity Building Coordinator (Full-time consultant to be embedded in the Department of Environmental Affairs)

Pretoria, , ZA

Description of the role
Under the direction of the Department of Enviromental Affairs (DEA)’s Chief Directorate: Climate Change Adaptation, the Adaptation Capacity Building (ACB) Coordinator is responsible for
providing technical support to the DEA in advancing adaptation action in South Africa. The ACB Coordinator will work with stakeholders in key sectors, as well as sub-national actors, to enhance capacity for implementation of the National Adapation Strategy (NAS), which is South Africa’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP). This includes providing training and technical assistance to different actors involved in NAS implementation as well as facilitating collaboration among actorsand across sectors. The ACB Coordinator will be the main contact point for the US In-Country NAP Support Program, which is managed by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The ACB will operate under the direct supervision of the Chief Director Climate Change Adapation, in close collaboration with IISD’s Expert Advisor for the NAP support
program in South Africa.

Key Areas of Responsibility
The following are the key areas of responsibility for the ACB Coordinator.

1. Coordination of activities under the US In-Country NAP Support Program in South Africa
The ACB Coordinator will be responsible for coordination of activities to be undertaken through the US In-Country NAP Support Program in South Africa. Working closely with the Chief Director Climate Change Adaptation, the DEA’s Program Focal Point and IISD’s Expert Advisor for South Africa, the Coordinator will conduct detailed planning and implementation of all activities of the Program, which are described in the following sections. He/she will ensure efficient and effective implementation and act as a conduit for flow of information between IISD and the DEA. The ACB Coordinator will collaborate with IISD’s Grant Officer on financial and administrative aspects of the program. He/she will provide monthly progress reports outlining activities and deliverables, providing backing documentation to meet donor reporting requirements.

2. Facilitating training for sectoral and/or sub-national actors
As the NAS moves into implementation, there will be an increasing need for capacity development and support on adaptation for national and sub-national actors. Working under close supervision of the DEA Chief Directorate Climate Change Adapation, the ACB Coordinator will be responsible for assessing capacity needs and developing strategies to address them, ensuring complementarity with other capacity building programs under implementation. A significant part of the work will involve facilitating targeted training and/or technical support for key actors in line ministries, sub-national government structures and/or other actors involved in NAP implementation.

3. National-level engagement
The Program will involve one key event at national level: a NAP Assembly, bringing together key government representatives, development partners and other actors involved in implementation of adaptation actions. The ACB Coordinator will coordinate this workshop, including: working with the DEA and IISD to identify participants and develop the workshop agenda; recruiting and preparing the facilitator; organizing event logistics; inviting and liaising with speakers; and contributing to documentation of the process and results of the workshop. Other aspects of national-level engagement may include facilitation of collaboration across sectors and dialogue among different actors. Additional activities will be conducted based on demand from the DEA and other stakeholders.

4. Technical support for NAP implementation
The ACB coordinator will work with the DEA and the IISD Expert Advisor to provide the technical inputs that are needed to move the implementation of the NAS forward. The particular support provided will be determined on an as-needed basis, but may include: costing of adaptation actions, inputs on integrating gender and social dimensions in NAP implementation, advocating the NAP to stakeholders, identifying research activities and/or assistance in linking national and sub-national implementation (details of support to be decided based on DEA priorities). Depending on the needs, the ACB Coordinator may directly support these activities, or may recruit and supervise consultants to undertake particular tasks.


  • Master’s degree or higher in environmental studies or related field
  • At least ten years of work experience in a field related to sustainable development
  • At least five years of experience working on climate change adaptation in the context of development policies and implementing programs in South Africa
  • Solid technical knowledge on climate change adaptation and links to poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • Significant experience in facilitating training and technical support
  • Familiarity with the climate and development policy context in South Africa
  • Understanding of the NAP process and related international commitments
  • Driver’s licence

This is envisioned as a one-year assignment, with the possibility of extension for a second year.

Pretoria, South Africa

Specific deliverables for the ACB Coordinator will be determined on a quarterly basis, based on a performace agreement between the Program Focal Point in the DEA and the IISD Expert
Advisor for South Africa.

The ACB Coordinator will report to the Program Focal Point in the DEA and the IISD Expert Advisor for South Africa.

Amendents of ToR
The Head of Department or his/her nominee reserves the right to make changes and alterations to this ToR, as he/she may deem reasonable, after due consultation with the IISD Expert Advisor, the IISD Grants Officer and the ACB Coordinator.

Application Process
IMPORTANT: Applicants must have the legal right to work in South Africa.
The application must consist of a CV and a cover letter. The cover letter should be maximum one page in length and include your proposed monthly rate in USD, as well as
the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three referees. Referees will not be contacted unless the application is shortlisted.
In your application, please clearly demonstrate how you meet the criteria outlined above.
Submissions should be made by email to [email protected] with the following in the subject line: South Africa Adaptation Capacity Building Coordinator: NAME OF APPLICANT.

Applications are due by midnight CEST on Friday, March 2, 2018.