Executive Director via Indeed

Beaver Watershed Alliance (BWA)

Springdale, AZ, US

Job Description: The Executive Director will be responsible for the leadership and management of BWA, and will implement internal and external goals that reflect the organization’s purpose and objectives. S/he will spearhead the further development of BWA, working in concert with the Board of Directors, funding organizations, volunteers, and stakeholder organizations.


Board Development:

  • Serves as the primary staff person for BWA Board of Directors
  • Works to support the Board in their effort to recruit and maintain a diverse, strong, and balanced board representation
  • Promotes BWA Board of Directors’ engagement in critical thinking, strategic planning, resource/financial development, and overall organizational wellness

Fiscal Management:

  • Establishes and adheres to rigorous accountability standards for grant and budget tracking
  • Directs financial activities and makes decisions based on plans and policies developed in concert with the BWA Board of Directors
  • Oversees/supervises all bookkeeping, accounting, and financial activities
  • Presents annual budget and quarterly financial reports for Board of Directors
  • Assures compliance with bylaws and financial policies, and accountability to funders and regulatory bodies
  • Engages with Treasurer and BWA Board in financial planning and diversification activities

Program Planning and Operations Management:

  • Builds and environment of quality volunteer management, public relations, and education programs
  • Together with the Board, ensures appropriate management and leadership of BWA
  • Designs and obtains Board and Committee consensus for programming goals and objectives and obtains their assistance in implementing these goals and objectives
  • Works closely with the Board of Directors to develop policies, guidelines, and priorities around projects and their deliverables
  • Works with staff to assure quality control of BWA projects including excellence in monitoring and reporting duties
  • Implements appropriate human resource policies and procedures for all staff

Public Relations, Fundraising, and Marketing:

  • Develops and sustains a diverse funding base, with an emphasis on corporate giving, foundation giving, and state/federal agency grant acquisition
  • Raises the visibility of and implements creative marketing strategies for the organization to drive awareness of BWA, our work, and program value
  • Oversees educational and outreach initiatives on watershed management topics, as determined by the Board
  • Works with print and broadcast media, and makes public presentations regarding BWA
  • Enhances the relationship between BWA and partner organizations, stakeholder groups, and the community at-large
  • With the Board’s approval, may also represent BWA at community events and meetings to advance the mission of BWA


  • Interest in water quality issues in Northwest Arkansas and experience in implementation of programs addressing water quality and quantity
  • Willingness to carry out the mission of BWA
  • Significant and proven organizational leadership skills
  • Understanding and management of not-for profits or equivalent, with experience working with Boards of Directors and volunteers
  • An affinity for working with a culturally and politically diverse community
  • Ability to move seamlessly within the agricultural, business, government and environmental communities
  • Is visionary, trustworthy, diplomatic, and innovative with high energy level
  • Demonstrated experience managing a complex budget
  • Ability to build collaborative ventures with diverse constituents
  • Success at fund development, including knowledge of and success in attracting foundation, government, and corporate grants; ability to identify, steward, and solicit individual donors
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; strong presentation skills
  • The ability to foster a healthy organizational culture, to encourage teamwork and collaboration;
  • Strong interpersonal skills that include the ability to inspire and motivate; effective at conflict management
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Computer literate

Required experience:

  • Business Management: 3 years
  • Fundraising: 3 years
  • Program Development: 3 years
  • Water Quality: 3 years